Home Products C.K Japanese Pry Bar 10” (T4312) – The Professional’s Tool Bag Essential

C.K Japanese Pry Bar 10” (T4312) – The Professional’s Tool Bag Essential

Designed to complete a multitude of tasks quickly and effectively, C.K’s new premium quality Japanese Pry Bar 10” (T4312) also conveniently slots into any tool bag for easy transportation.

Hot forged from a carbon steel alloy and hardened for exceptional strength and durability, this superior Japanese Pry Bar features a 46mm wide tip for precise removal with minimal damage of mouldings, skirting boards, cavity wall nails and is also perfect for quickly prising apart floor boards and other materials.

Regularly working with professionals gives C.K valuable insight into what works best, allowing the launch of innovative products that can be relied upon to do the job quickly and efficiently.

This compact and highly versatile Japanese Pry Bar is no exception, offering fantastic features and benefits to meet the demands of busy professionals.

Precision engineered for leverage, the C.K Japanese Pry Bar combines optimum performance and superior durability, with a solid construction built to withstand pressure and wear.

Ideal for a multitude of tasks, whether electrical, building renovations/DIY work, or for industrial applications, the C.K Japanese Pry Bar (T4312) is set to become an essential addition to any professional’s tool kit. 

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