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Raising business value for wholesalers | Simon Hudson-Smith

If as a wholesaler you can differentiate yourself as a solutions provider rather than as a stockist for cable management solutions then you will win more valuable business according to Simon Hudson-Smith, CEO at The Hudson Group.

Providing support for wholesalers, such as offering design expertise and the development of specials, has enabled the Hudson Group to grow into a significant British manufacturer over the last 30 years.

Manufacturers and wholesalers are after the same thing: selling solutions to contractors, where both parties benefit from the sale. It’s why Hudson seeks to differentiate itself from larger international cable management suppliers and offer a more service orientated business.

And it’s proved a successful strategy. It all started 30 years ago as RMS, a specialist cable management wholesaler who worked with different suppliers. The company soon realised that it needed to offer something different and opened a dedicated manufacturing facility for cable containment that could provide contractors with the support and flexibility that they needed through wholesalers.

And so, 25 years ago Armorduct was born as its manufacturing facility for trunking, tray, basket, floor systems and bespoke specials. It was, and still is, their capability and willingness to produce “specials” that makes them stand out. It could be for anything from modifying standard products to designing and producing bespoke containment solutions.

Fast-forward to today and both of these businesses have their own specialisms. RMS provides expert modular and offsite fabrication services for demanding, fast-install cable containment solutions and Armorduct designs and manufactures high volume standard and bespoke steel cable management systems which includes cable trunking, tray, basket and floor boxes.

Both go to market through wholesaler partners. It enables you to tap into their expertise to offer contractors a flexible solution that can help them meet their needs whether it’s to meet a tight time deadline, a tight budget or a unique product.

Future plans

This year Hudson has extended its expertise. It has launched Milton Cable Management Systems, which is working in partnership with the Wibe Group to help relaunch and support another brand steeped in history – Mita. Like its two sister companies, Milton will have its own specialist area, in this case supplying Mita GRP and cable containment designed for corrosive and hazardous environments.

The reason for our success is simple. We provide you with the expertise to help sell a cable containment solution. We have designed our business to be responsive for all of your customers’ projects; whether they are installing a system for an industrial unit refurb or for the largest offsite prefabricated modular electrical and building services solution in Europe.

At our heart we are an approachable company, many of us have worked as electricians, so we know what your customers need and because we are a UK manufacturer with stocks on hand we can deliver to branch or site quickly.

Meeting tight deadlines

We know that your customers often have tight deadlines and we have to help you meet them. It’s this approachability and responsiveness that has shaped our organisation. It means, for example, that Armorduct has a specialist section within its manufacturing facility dedicated to producing bespoke items. This could be for something as simple as cutting trunking or tray to length for the contractor or creating bespoke items to meet a particular need. It means that it can produce or customise products rapidly for your customers without having to stop its production line.

If a contractor needs a system that is ready to fit with all the bends and accessories then we are on hand to deliver such a system quickly. This will save them the frustration of waiting for delivery and help optimise their time on site with a simple to assemble system that needs minimal or no cutting and drilling.

Fit for the future

The last few years have posed a number of challenges for the wholesaler. Both Covid and Brexit have affected the supply chain and the reliable delivery of products. As a British manufacturer, the Hudson Group is nimbler than those relying on overseas supply and it is structured to be responsive when you need a solution for your customer quickly.

Contractors are also suffering due to a lack of labour. While there may be plenty of work, their ability to meet tight deadlines and not disappoint their existing customers is a real challenge. Hudson offers you a solution that can them help overcome these issues with modular and specially designed systems in addition to standardised solutions.

We are also exploring the use of new more sustainable materials offering better performance at broadly the same price as galvanised steel. A good example is Magnelis, an alloyed steel that doesn’t need dipping into baths of molten zinc to provide corrosion resistance. It is also self-healing so if the contractor does need to cut it, there is no need for them to treat the cut ends, unlike galvanised steel.

With the Hudson Group marking 30 years in business this year, it has the same values as it has always had. This responsiveness to the wholesaler and contractor for projects of any size, makes us nimbler than larger international competitors. It also means that we are faster to evolve and meet new challenges. And finally, as a British Manufacturer, we are well placed to meet your supply challenges quickly.

The next 30 years will see us develop further, continuing to improve our service by being a local manufacturer who works closely with wholesalers to help the contractor. We sum up this philosophy as Bigger, Better, British.

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