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Achieve all-round visibility with Hispec’s point of sale display

A look at the latest display solutions to help increase your in-store purchases.

All-round visibility

Hispec recently launched a point of sale display that has been designed specifically with the electrical wholesaler in mind. This freestanding display unit (FSDU) showcases a wide variety of smoke alarms, heat alarms, Carbon Monoxide detectors and a number of additional auxiliary controls and devices.

These FSDUs are completely freestanding, meaning they can be placed anywhere in your branch, depending on how visible or discreet you wish them to be. The unique design allows all sides of the unit to be visible at any one time, giving your customers the ability to view all products without having to alter the display.

With a footprint of only W400mm x D400mm x H1900mm, a Hispec FSDU takes up minimal floor space whilst also remaining tall enough for customers to browse and shop with ease.

To find out how you can get one of the Hispec Regional Specification Managers to come into branch and set up your new display, simply contact Hispec’s Head Office team and they will talk you through the next steps.

For more information, please contact customersevices@hispec.co.uk, call 01257 262197 to speak with one of the Hispec team, or visit the website here

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