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A positive display from GreenBrook

If you follow GreenBrook across the various social media channels you will see the regular images of the latest wholesaler’s counter the company has branded. GreenBrook is working hard with its nationwide network of wholesale customers to highlight the importance of an appealing product display.

Gone are the days where wholesalers’ shelves were packed with bland, plain packaging. These displays help the wholesalers to positively promote the GreenBrook products and to sell through their stock.

Informative displays help the counter staff to ensure all the specification benefits of the products are considered – even if counter staff have had no training on the products. A more retail approach offering a clean, well-structured display has been proven to increase sales.

Both parties benefit as a successful display increases sales of those products and creates more brand awareness – and it makes a trade counter a nicer place to be.

In order to be more environmentally friendly, GreenBrook is reducing the amount of plastic it uses in its packaging and will be re-packing all clammed products into boxes.

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