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Vestel’s ongoing campaign to lead the European electric transport revolution has been further bolstered by the launch of its third Vestel-branded EV charger in 2023.

The EVC06 is a richly featured yet low-cost, commercial urban fast DC charging station offering high-speed, multiple output charging at up to 60kW.

The EVC06 tops out the 2023 Vestel range with a high-value, fully featured DC charging station that leverages Vestel’s EVC expertise, legendary reliability, and exceptional economies of scale from its 1.3m square metre manufacturing facility. The result is a robust, easy-to-use commercial fast charger that delivers outstanding value, reducing the cost of equipping commercial car parks, retail premises and public spaces with EV charging facilities.

The EVC06 is a 60kW DC fast charger with 22KW AC output for AC-only vehicles, offering dual split load charging as standard or optionally with a third output. Fully featured with local and remote load management, a 10.4” touchscreen interface, RFID, an optional credit card module and a slick fully guided user interface, the EVC06 is the perfect solution for repowering existing AC locations for the latest fast-charging electric vehicles. The unit is ISO15118 vehicle-to-grid communications compliant for class-leading accessibility and security without the need for RFID or a credit card if required.

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