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Venture Spotlight

Venture Lighting has been in the industry for over 35 years, building on a reputation known for innovation, manufacturing, advanced in-house facilities and above all – great customer service. PEW spoke with the company to find out what is has planned for the future.

Known as the go-to in metal halide technology, it progressed into the LED market with the confidence and knowledge that its longstanding and superior service would set them apart from its peers.

A new Managing Director was appointed in late 2018. Under new stewardship, Venture created a new vision; to avoid the ‘race to the bottom’ culture that other businesses had undertaken and enforced. By understanding the true needs of its customers and its heritage as market leaders through quality products and great service, Venture looked to new avenues and pursuing progressing LED technologies.

Priding itself on selecting a body of products based upon extensive research, testing, evaluation and conclusion, it maintains that investing in fixtures should offer so much more to the consumer than its competitors.

Customer service

Venture Lighting Europe offers a team dedicated to supporting the purchase of a product from start to finish. The buyer can feel confident that they will be supported long after a product has been bought, installed and set up with our friendly and knowledgeable technical department. Customer service extends through the chain of assembly line, through to the technical team and finishing with aftercare.

Project management

In addition to this, Venture understands that customer service comes from more than a friendly contact; service is implicit from the beginning. That’s why Venture delivers an end to end project management service dealing with the planning, forecasting, production and marketing of a product during every stage of the process.

Production team

In-house facilities provide Venture with ultimate control when it comes to service. The UK warehouse and distribution hub along with a trained production team of technicians provide customer orders with short lead times. £4 million in committed stock holding and can achieve next day delivery on many products.

Product design

Venture Lighting is primarily a manufacturer, not importer. The UK-designed products are made to the highest standard throughout the range. The company can provide bespoke customer luminaire and lighting designs which enables more control over a project’s final outcome. Venture is not a box-shifter, it addresses and forecast all potential challenges and utilises the innovative technical team to work closely with the customer to create the best lighting solutions.

Quality control

The lighting industry can be a disposable one and Venture endeavor to ensure that the quality of its luminaires is taken very seriously. The laboratory extensively tests all products for thermal, photometric and EMC properties. The team works to ensure that the customer receives a high quality, reliable fixture at every price bracket.

Venture has invested in its overall company service, maintaining a good reputation despite the changes within LED technology – enduring the ebbs and flows within the lighting industry.

The future

The future looks increasingly bright for Venture as it looks to smart controls within industrial and commercial spaces to allow the user more regulation and to improve its carbon footprint. This in turn will shift towards human centric lighting – the capability to synchronise our bodies with the external cycle of day and night, through the implementation of dynamic lighting in artificially lit environments. As a result, such technology is proven to enhance the wellbeing and performance of people in the workplace, place of study or healthcare environments. Venture is constantly researching trends in the marketplace to bring new technologies to the UK at an affordable price along with drawing focus to lighting solutions with an emphasis on the right luminaire for the application.

Venture had also launched an innovative leasing program enabling the buyer to spread the cost of their purchase, increase sales and profits and acquire the lighting needed to help their business.


To learn more about Venture Lighting, visit: https://www.venturelightingeurope.com/

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