Home Features Andy Douglas provides an overview of Timeguard’s Wi-Fi cameras

Andy Douglas provides an overview of Timeguard’s Wi-Fi cameras

Managing Director Andy Douglas provides an overview of Wi-Fi cameras.

Home app and voice-controlled Wi-Fi accessories gave professional installers and their wholesalers a powerful offer to counter the online DIY offers.

From hard-wired sockets, spurs, timers and in-line connectors to trailing sockets, bayonet-fitting adaptors and RGB-adjustable candle lamps, and the ever-popular door chimes with cameras, these are products installers can offer and recommend to their customers with confidence.

Timeguard has now added an integrated Wi-Fi camera and two-way audio to its professional outdoor LED lighting offer: the LEDPROCAM. This really puts clear water between installers and the DIY market and the impressive set up is only available through the wholesaler channel.

Even before the launch of the LEDPROCAM, the modular LEDPRO range that it joins has been one of Timeguard’s biggest successes. The popularity springs from the ground-breaking concept of enabling installers to design their own products and be sure of having the best specification for the job. They can mix and match floodlights (10W-100W) with their choice of PIR, photocell or RF switch, and reap the savings of using the spare terminals provided to loop out to add on slaves as needed. The big advantage onsite is how the floodlight and the switches just plug together. The modular concept is a bonus for stockists too, as you can rationalise what you need to keep on the shelf, without reducing the choice you offer.

The LEDPRO’s WiFi camera is integrated with the PIR switch and provides users with a view of what is happening outdoors as well as two-way audio (microphone and speaker) for direct communication with visitors, with an option for a warning siren. It can be installed from scratch or retrofitted to an existing LEDPRO floodlight, replacing a more-standard PIR switching module. The new unit communicates over Wi-Fi, using the Tuya app, so there’s no extra wiring and it really couldn’t be easier to provide customers with sight and sound, and complete confidence that they know what’s going on outside their building.

There’s a lot packed into a small and discrete unit, with even an SD card slot if local storage is preferred to cloud-based options. Smart engineering and superior specification do all they can to help ensure against no signal interference. Camera and audio functions are always available, offering independent or timed or dusk-till-dawn automated lighting.

Wi-Fi control of the new camera system is via the proven TuYa app, a global favourite adopted by leading manufacturers, which can also be used to set up the PIR timing for these Timeguard modules.

Camera resolution is 1080p, the established standard for video surveillance in businesses and properties. High-definition security cameras have achieved incredible success in the ‘consumer’ market as a reliable monitoring option for general-purpose video surveillance. At 100dB, the speakers allow for clear communication over a good distance, and enough volume for a serious siren warning.

Combining the camera and audio with the outdoor LED lighting that any customer concerned about safety and security will also need, gives your customers an all-in-one solution. Furthermore, combining Timeguard’s trusted technology and quality control with a global Wi-Fi app that is subject to continuous improvement and debugging, adds up to a serious solution that you can offer your customers with complete confidence.

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