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The lowdown on downlighters

With a vast array of fire-rated downlighters currently on the market, what are the smart choices that wholesalers should be making when it comes to supplying their customers, not only with the best quality but also the best value for money product? Simon Shenton, Head of LED Product Development at Luceco sheds some light on the issue.

A recessed light that, once installed, restores the fire integrity of a ceiling, fire-rated downlighters seal off the hole where the lights have been positioned, helping to slow down the spread of fire, giving more time for people to escape and helping to protect the integrity of the building in the event of a fire.

The basics

Fire-rated downlighters are classified based on ratings – of 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Downlighters rated between 30 and 60 minutes are suitable for two or three storey buildings, whilst larger buildings, such as apartment blocks, may require downlighters rated for 90 minutes.

With safety the paramount reason for installing fire-rated downlighters, there are plenty of other important reasons to install them, including building regulation and insurance requirements as well as sustainability – all of which will be important considerations when choosing a fire-rated downlighter.

What to consider

Wholesalers need to have the requirements of the installer in mind, who in turn is guided by end user demands, creating quite a number of considerations when choosing fire-rated downlighters.

For the consumer, things like light variability are important – can they vary the type and level of light emitted to create different moods in their space? When considering design, does the fire-rated downlighter fit in with the desired aesthetic of the installation? And, ever growing in importance, how energy efficient is the light?

Installers will have additional considerations, including safety – do the fire-rated downlighters conform to all required regulations? How quick and easy are they to install, and are they reliable? No installer wants a project call back due to a faulty product.

Savvy wholesalers will look at manufacturers who can deliver on this and more, including a reliable supply of product and technical advice and back up if required.

Simplify the selection process

Traditionally, it has been quite a convoluted process when selecting fire-rated downlighters, with often confusing product ranges and a seemingly endless choice of options, meaning wholesalers were having to carry large amounts of stock.

Wholesalers are now looking to work with manufacturers who can cut through the confusion and make their lives easier by offering straightforward, easy to understand and easy to sell ranges that deliver on all fronts.

To try and simplify the selection process, Luceco has refined its 3 model FType range of fire-rated downlighters to address the important considerations when making a product choice.

FType innovation

With innovation at the heart of the new FType range, the three models – FType Ultra, FType Mk2 and FType Essence – provide simple options whilst remarkably, delivering a greater choice. There are no complex decisions to be made since multiple benefits are packed into each lighting model and for wholesalers, this makes selecting, stocking and selling a much easier process.

When it comes to styling, the FType range delivers on a number of key fronts. The clever Dim2Warm solution, which gives the feel of a halogen lamp but with the energy efficiency of LED, provides a choice of cool to warm lighting, enabling the creation of a unique ambience in every room as desired. In addition, there are three different fitting styles – regressed, flat and adjustable allowing the light to be adapted to the needs of the space, along with different bezel options to allow matching to new or existing colour schemes. This unique flexibility can offer an incredible 209 styles and colour combinations via the three

FType models.

With installers in mind, the FType features a ClipFit System that allows full unrestricted access for easier wiring. Once cables are attached, a simple push into the housing and close of the lid secures the cables. The QuickView Cable Window means inspection is simple and gives additional safety – its easy to check that no wires have become dislodged or moved before connecting the downlight and pushing it back into the ceiling. The 500V insulation resistance speeds up total install and testing time. Reassurance is also provided with the FType range having undergone a rigorous testing regime, passing over ten stringent tests including 30, 60, 90 min & I-Joist Fire Rating, Part E Acoustic and Part C Air-Leakage testing to conform to Part L of the building regulations.

Wholesalers can be reassured that the FType range gives installers what they want. Luceco prides itself on working closely with the trade and the innovations incorporated into the range were driven by extensive installer feedback. It is these innovations that allow wholesalers to offer more whilst stocking less – important when floorspace is at a premium. In addition, the range is fully supported with dedicated POS and brochures, helping to make sure that installers are fully informed.

When choosing a fire-rated downlighter, considerations should include issues around design and aesthetics, ease of installation and reliability, safety and efficiency. Since the new FType downlighters have been designed around installer feedback not only on their requirements but also on market demand, Luceco is confident of the opportunity they provide wholesalers for sales growth and stock turn from limited floor space. They also offer great value for money.

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