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The benefits of door communication systems


In 2021, the market is demanding intuitive security solutions which will be convenient and easy to use for visitors, residents and building managers. Door communications systems which can protect privacy and enhance safety are growing in popularity, with the international market set to hit an estimated value of $3,663 Million by 2025. Mark Booth, Managing Director, Gira UK, explains the many benefits.

As more people appreciate the benefits of the latest smart home technology with WiFi systems, they are keen to replace conventional locking systems with wireless electronic alternatives. The beauty of these solutions is that end users and electrical engineers alike can have much more flexibility and control, so any updates are quicker, less labour intensive, and real-time.

The latest door communications systems boast state-of-the-art audio and visual technology so that the home-owner can communicate comfortably with any callers. Some premium systems even have weather-proof speakers designed to filter out street noises. Large display screens enable visual confirmation that parcels have arrived and put in designated places, as well as giving homeowners the ability to use them in conjunction with cameras to screen visitors or check out what’s happening outside. Given the need to curb social mixing to combat Covid-19, video screens and entry phones have enabled safe contact between individuals without the risk of infection.

Networked solutions

Another benefit of integrated AV technology is that leading manufacturers can tailor door communications systems and devices so that they can operate as standalone devices or via a control client within independent households, across large properties with several buildings or even an apartment block or a co-working office space.

Many people ‘live on their smart phones’, so network-enabled door communication systems which can be integrated into IP networks and mobile door intercoms operated by iOS and Android smart devices are set to become the norm in the years ahead. Having ‘your doorbell in your pocket’ via a smart phone or Tablet will give users the ability to manage door communications systems remotely so that they never miss a delivery again.

Product Focus

The latest version of the Gira DCS Mobile Door App has a new auto-image memory feature that reacts to activity at the door and the Release 2 Gira DCS app enables users to view door calls on the mobile end device, talk to the person at the door and if so desired, open the door in real time. If the app is not active in the background, for example, after the mobile end device has been restarted, the door call will still reach the user. With push notifications, the user is informed of the incoming door call even when the Gira DCS app is “inactive/closed”. This not only increases the battery performance of the device, but also means the user can accept a call at the door, even when the end device is locked.

Safe solutions

Safeguarding is built into today’s security systems so that commonplace issues such as being locked out are anticipated with keyless control systems so that the user can gain entry to different rooms and buildings using a keypad or pre-programmed fingerprint. In fact, the Gira Keyless In-entry System allows the user to very easily open their door using a code or via the pre-programmed fingerprint reader, which can manage up to 99 individual finger identifications. The Gira Keyless In Fingerprint solution works with the biometric system. State-of-the-art, high-frequency technology recognises the fingerprint of the deepest layers of skin, so it works reliably: even if the surface of the skin is slightly injured, dirty or if the skin structure has changed with age which means that adult children could still gain access to their parents’ home, if required.

The System 106 by Gira is the preferred solution when requiring a door communication system with auxiliary technology and it is compatible with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions. Artfully concealed, this intercom is a flexible modular system that is available with optional Door Station, Intercom, Call-button, Camera and Display Modules all protected by the 3 mm-thick design front plate.

2021 trends

As flexible living and future-proofing are key trends for security in 2021, the new Gira G1 SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Client, is a multimedia home station designed to be extremely convenient and flexible for installers as it communicates with third-party systems: it also covers key features like multi-talk mode or concierge function. For instance, if large systems with more than 62 video subscribers and multi-talk mode are required, the Gira G1 offers the option of serving as a SIP client. The door station is used by an external system.

The main benefits to using the new Gira G1 SIP Client is initiating, maintaining and terminating real-time sessions, including voice, video and messaging applications. The intelligent central operating unit Gira G1 functioning as a SIP client will allow the end user to manage internal calls and video subscribers, alongside lighting and security, all from one screen. Managing and controlling every aspect of building technology, Gira G1 now offers dual functionality with its ability to be used as a KNX interface and SIP home station and it currently supports the SIP protocol of various providers, such as Comelit, Schüco and TCS.

For a more detailed look at the keyless in entry system and other security products from Gira, visit: https://www.gira.com/uk/en/

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