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Test your knowledge with Martindale Electric’s PAT testing quiz

Do you know a PASS from a FAIL when it comes to Portable Appliance Testing? Can you recall the recommended pass limit for an earth bond continuity test? Electrical safety test equipment specialist Martindale Electric has put together a fun online quiz that tests your knowledge on PAT Testing and helps gauge where there may be gaps in your understanding.

Don’t worry if you get any incorrect, as along with the quiz Martindale has also launched a dedicated ‘Essential Guide to PAT Testing’ area of its website crammed with useful information, hints, tips and an overview of its popular HPAT series of PAT Testers to help top up your knowledge and point you in the right direction.

“According to the Health and Safety Executive, 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances,” explains Steve Dunning. “From these figures, it is clear that a large number of incidents and injuries could be prevented with proper electrical checks, inspections and safety tests. That is part of the reason we wanted to put together an easy to access info hub for any competent person carrying out PAT Testing. Hopefully it’s a great reference area that users can come back to time and again.”

To take the quiz and test your knowledge click here

To access the Essential Guide click here 

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