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TESP launches rogue traders campaign

The risks associated with unscrupulous training providers are being highlighted in a new and creative campaign from TESP.

Using the strapline ‘Don’t get taken for a ride by Rogue Trainers’, an animated video shows a man getting drawn into a house of horrors by false claims, which turn out not to be all they seem. Aimed at people outside of the industry looking to become a qualified electrician, TESP hopes to help people avoid training providers who don’t deliver on their promises, presenting a range of courses which look impressive to the untrained eye, but on proper inspection don’t lead to qualified status.

With thousands of searches each year on terms such as ‘electrical courses’ and ‘how to become an electrician’, many people are at risk of taking the wrong training path if they’re not aware of the correct routes they should follow.

“There are still too many reports of people spending thousands of pounds with companies who wilfully misrepresent where their training leads,” said Ruth Devine, TESP Chair and Managing Director of SJD Electrical. “Some providers use high-pressure sales techniques to trap learners with a large financial commitment, but devious contract terms mean there’s no realistic prospect of achieving the qualification.”

To Watch the video and find out more about the campaign click here

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