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Spilling the secrets on FireAngel’s adaptable new Specification Range

FireAngel’s latest Specification range featuring Smart RF technology has been designed to provide installers and their clients with a cost-effective, connected solution that can be easily and instantly upgraded to effectively futureproof a building against any regulatory changes.

Here we share the top four benefits of the range that wholesalers should be promoting to potential customers looking to install affordable, easy to fit solutions that go above and beyond in delivering on compliance and protection.

1. Wireless interlink for up to 50 devices

FireAngel’s latest Specification range features both mains-powered and battery powered alarms.

The SM-SN-1 Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm and HM-SN-1 Enhanced Heat Alarm are both mains-powered with a 10 year lithium Panasonic battery back-up, complying to the BS 5839-6:2019 Grade D1 standard.

The FS2126-T Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm, FS1226-T Enhanced Heat Alarm and FS1326-T Carbon Monoxide Alarm are battery-powered and also feature a 10 year lithium Panasonic battery back-up, complying to the BS 5839-6:2019 Grade F1 standard.

By adding a Smart RF Radio Module, up to 50 of FireAngel’s Specification range alarms, both mains-powered and battery-powered, can be interlinked together on a wireless network. All Smart RF devices including smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms can be meshed together on a private network so that when once alarm sounds, they all sound.

This will immediately notify individuals of a potential fire or CO event, providing a faster response time, allowing individuals to safely and quickly exit the property as all of the alarms connected within the network will mimic the tone of the original alarm as soon as it sounds e.g. fire or CO.

For example, if a battery-powered FS1326-T Carbon Monoxide alarm sounds, all other smoke, heat, CO alarms on the network will also adopt the chirp of a CO alarm, rather than their usual sound. This ensures that all individuals within the property understand the potential danger the alarm has recognised and can react suitably.

2. Hybrid network capability

Both the mains-powered and battery-powered ranges can be interlinked together onto a hybrid system by simply adding FireAngel’s Smart RF Radio Module, which can be fitted upon initial installation or at a later date.

This is particularly useful for projects where hardwiring isn’t feasible, as installers can quickly extend the network wirelessly, without the effort or cost of additional wiring.

A hybrid system, (also known as a mixed system) offers the opportunity to deliver a higher standard of fire protection as additional safety products can be added where required, including FireAngel’s assisted living products: the FS1552W2-T Strobe & Vibrating Pad and FS1524W2-T  Wireless Alarm Control Unit. This enables installers to offer increased levels of protection and safety throughout specific areas of a project, without impacting the design and capabilities of the overall network.

3. Proven low carbon footprint

As the government continues to apply pressure to improve the sustainability of future construction projects, it’s vital for installers to take a proactive approach to the energy efficiency of the products they are fitting.

Typically, a smoke alarm spends 99.9% of its time in standby, dissipating the unused energy through heat, which is extremely inefficient. Once the alarm is activated, a significant increase in power is utilised, which is commonly provided by ‘dropping’ the voltage from the mains power supply.

To combat this inefficiency, the alarms within FireAngel’s mains-powered Specification Range feature an intelligent ‘step down’ circuit that monitors the active state of the alarm to adequately manage the power available.

This ensures the alarm uses just 10% of the energy when compared to the average AC alarm, significantly improving the long-term efficiency of the alarm throughout its 10 year lifespan. This equates to an impressive running cost of 6p over 10 years per alarm.

4. Smarter solutions through connected technologies

Through the installation of a Smart RF radio module, installers can also upgrade their offering to enable customers access to vital information via their smart phone or tablet, including current status, alarm history, replacement dates and network health.

This can be achieved through the activation of a cloud-based gateway, FireAngel Connect, which provides remote monitoring and real time updates on all alarms on the network.

The remote monitoring capabilities enables a range of individuals, from maintenance managers in a commercial environment, to family members within a domestic setting, to access key information they previously would have only been able to obtain by physically visiting the property.

This is particularly useful for installations supporting independent living who can be living within high risk environments, such as the elderly who may live alone, those who are hard of hearing or living with dementia, who may leave the hob on after cooking a meal.

The Connect Gateway will instantly notify all designated individuals via the app if an alarm has sounded, sending real time updates regarding the status of the alarm.

However, this protection is taken one step further through the gateway’s unique patented algorithm, FireAngel Predict, which highlights dangerous patterns of behaviour and identifies properties that are at high risk of a real fire event.

This is achieved through the alarm’s Artificial Intelligence, which analyses the data recorded within the alarm to predict when a potential fire event may occur, enabling preventative measures to be implemented sooner.

The latest Specification Range is supported by a wide range of sales collateral, including a newly updated Product Selector advising full product ranges available, siting of alarms and latest BS 5839:6 standard.

FireAngel’s team of local Specification Managers are also on hand to support wholesalers discussing with installers the most suitable solutions to best meet the requirements of each project they are working on.

For more information on FireAngel and its range of interlinked smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms, please contact your local Specification manager, visit: www.fireangel.co.uk/specification-manager

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