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Listed buildings can present challenges when retrofitting but these can all be resolved thanks to the Gira eNet SMART HOME wireless solution.

For example, the above property  was brought into the 2020s with the latest cutting-edge technology by Jo Geuskens from electrical installation contractor SPIE whilst preserving original features such as the elaborate plasterwork and the integrity of the walls.

Meeting the homeowner’s desire for a luxurious intuitive home without installing any additional wiring meant that the Gira eNet SMART HOME was the ideal solution – as the system uses radio signals to communicate in combination with intelligent switches which could be installed throughout the property with ease.

Creating a mood

As automated lighting is becoming ever more desirable in the modern home, the home owners wanted to make the most of their options with individual sport lights in tandem with classic ceiling lights and exterior lighting to enhance the indoor/outdoor living experience.

Ensuring the ultimate in user control, the occupants have all sort of options such as clearly-labelled switches and touch panels throughout the house. And as an added bonus, they can use the Gira eNet SMART HOME app on their tablets and smart phones when they are out and about so they can ‘have their home in their pocket’ with absolute data security.

Creating the right ambience in the home doesn’t end with finding designer lighting and accessories, adding optimum controls and functions increases comfort and personalisation – something becoming ever more important.

For example, having the ability to close the curtains and adjust interior lighting to a comfortable level at the tap of a finger gives the smart home a bank of user preferences to save as ‘scenes’ which can be adjusted for entertaining at home, watching films or studying. The latest upgrades to the eNet SMART HOME system mean that end users can operate lights and blinds as well as call up previously defined scenes, via voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Switching style

The Gira switches used throughout the property are from the E2 Design Line range and can be positioned anywhere including bathrooms and bedrooms. The durable, easy-care switches work well with the minimalist design of the 4-storey house and its modern décor.

Customised, labelled multiple switches were mainly used and were mounted easily onto the exposed brick surfaces and wooden beams.T

he beauty of the E2 range is that it can offer over 300 functions so there will be solutions or configurations to accommodate the needs of the most exacting households and the Gira inscription service in a clear and legible font means everyone in the house and their guests will know which button does what – for added convenience.

Mark Booth, Managing Director, Gira UK says: “As a company, we are really proud that we can help developers, installers and end users alike with systems which can be easily retro-fitted to enhance lifestyles in older, characterful properties. Europe is rich in architecture and design, and it is so exciting to bring the best of new innovations to older buildings which are cherished by their owners.We want to bring the benefits of smart home technology to every household in the UK, so that people can see how time, money and energy can be saved when their surroundings are in ‘tune’ with their needs. As the UK property market recovers following lockdown, we are committed to supporting our installers and partners into 2021 and beyond with dedicated training packages and tailored resources so that they can take advantage of the growing consumer demand for intelligent home solutions.”

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