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Products in demand: August

PEW takes a look at the most sought after products from recent issues of Professional Electrician & Installer magazine to give you an insight into your key customers’ buying behaviour.


Axiom Site Electrics

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the newly named CED Electrical Group and is a year of major developments, not least in brand rationalisation and new products. This month sees Axiom taking over CED’s Site Electrics range, where new LED products include tripods and portable site lights. The complete range comprises portable transformers, extension reels and outlet units, industrial plugs and sockets, plus further site lighting including worklights, task and inspection lights, LED uplights and festoon sets. Products meet BS EN standards, have necessary IP ratings, are CE marked and, for lighting, are RoHS compliant. 



Professional Light Catalogue

The new 2019 EGLO Professional Light catalogue has over 4,000 products from the world of professional lighting solutions. In this catalogue you’ll find the latest technology trends paired with high-quality design and sophisticated functionality, to offer readers a comprehensive selection of lighting products and options.



Fast Fit Connectors

The new 20A 3 and 4 Pole Fast Fit Flow Connectors from Scolmore feature push-in, low maintenance terminals to offer a time-saving benefit for the installer, with no screws required. In a speed test carried out by Scolmore, the installation times were compared for the new fast fit connectors, versus an equivalent screw terminal version, and it was found that typically the fast-fit versions were completed in around half the time. The new range will be compatible with all current Scolmore Click Flow products – connectors, splitters, distribution boxes and ceiling rose. Allowing installers to safely connect/disconnect luminaires or appliances in areas that require quick installation and regular maintenance, the fast-fit connectors will be suitable for a range of applications including education and training facilities, offices and conference rooms, healthcare environments and hotels. The connectors are packaged in outer boxes containing 200 pieces in total, split into four inner boxes each containing 50 pieces – all individually stacked.



Sentinel Kinetic Acoustic Solutions
With the negative effect of noise on our health now recognised, the Acoustic Top Box and Acoustic Enclosure have been designed to further reduce the already low noise levels of the Sentinel Kinetic mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units. For home owners, the most common concern with ventilation systems is that they will create noise. To mitigate this, Vent-Axia has optimised every element of the Sentinel Kinetic range to minimise the generation and transmission of both motor and airflow noise, resulting in some of the quietest units available. Firstly, the Acoustic Top Box reduces induct noise at key frequencies in living areas, bedrooms and wet rooms, as well as providing a neat enclosure for ductwork at the point of installation. While the Acoustic Enclosure reduces breakout noise from the MVHR unit, lowering noise levels throughout the dwelling, and comes equipped with internal anti-vibration mounts.



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