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Point of Sale: Qvis’ interactive CCTV display solution

A look at the display solutions to help you increase your in-store purchases.


The Qvis full colour, interactive CCTV display concept has been designed to showcase the latest in CCTV technology. At the start point the equipment has been packaged up in kit format, enabling electrical wholesalers and their contractors to gain confidence and familiarity around a technology that will ultimately drive new incremental sales in both kit and project format.  

The interactive display consists of full colour camera technology that delivers 247 full colour images rather than the traditional monochrome (black & white) at night which is preferred for evidential purpose, an artificial intelligence (AI) network video recorder (NVR). It provides a wealth of easy to use smart features, such as the ability to differentiate, to a very high accuracy, between humans and wildlife, minimising false alarms on intruder activated alarms. 

Colour coded 

The entire range of products are colour coded with Qvis’s core colours of red and blue. The intention behind this is to simplify the product navigation process and allow customers to simply identify and differentiate between HD Analogue and IP technologies. The colour coding has resulted in a better understanding of the available technologies and an increase in repeat business. 

In addition to the displays, Qvis encourages electrical wholesalers and their contractors to undertake training. The training is fully certified and is provided free of charge with the training undertaken across the country. Other services provided include design and commissioning where required. Qvis’s inhouse team of people are vastly experienced in this space and when engaging with the channel it became apparent that there was business out there that was either being subcontracted or discarded, mainly down to confidence around the technology. By providing these additional services, the company has seen project business grow significantly for the contractor and electrical wholesaler. 

Creating awareness 

Matthew Graham, Sales Director for Qvis Lighting and Security, said: “What’s incredibly encouraging is where customers have committed to displays in nearly all cases they have created awareness that it’s a solution they can offer and sales have grown typically in what is a brand new category for most. We will continue to evolve the displays and the education we are providing around the technology with the goal of CCTV being a significant and contributing category to the channel.” 

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