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Point of sale: Knipex’s latest display solutions

A look at the latest display solutions to help you increase your in-store purchases.


Pliers specialists Knipex has a point of sale featuring tools from its range of tough CoBolt compact bolt cutters.   

The eye catching point of sale is designed to be small enough to sit on the trade counter but big enough to make an instant impact on customers, encouraging spontaneous purchases at the till area. The display is made from high quality cardboard, with a high gloss print and beautifully highlights the key features of selected products. This particular model showcases the 71 01 200 Knipex CoBolt compact bolt cutter, the small tool that makes a big impact. 

Thanks to their practical size of 200mm and low weight of less than 400g, these strong compact bolt cutters are a powerful partner in demanding situations. The CoBolt reinforces the hand force used to grip the handles 35 times over. Every cut hits the mark straightaway: microstructures on the cutting edges hold the material in the perfect position, allowing the leverage of the CoBolt to take full effect: one cut – done.  


With 18 different tools in the CoBolt range and with sizes ranging from 160, 200 through to 250mm there is a tool to suit a myriad of hard cutting applications. Two Knipex CoBolt XL versions complete this powerful range.    

For more details on Knipex point of sale contact: sales@knipex.co.uk or click here 

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