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Point of sale | ForgeFix’s bus stop displays

A look at the latest display solutions to help increase your in-store purchases.

Fixings and fastener specialist ForgeFix has launched its new point of sale, designed to help educate customers and save time for busy counter staff.

The ForgeFix point of sale is available in eye catching ‘bus stop’ displays that can be hung onto shelving and attract customers to an area. The graphics feature handy guides to screws, their uses, surface finishes, sizes, head and thread types. One bus stop also offers a measurement chart and imperial to metric conversion.

“These bus stop displays serve two purposes,” explained Rebecca Fortescue-Halliwell, ForgeFix’s Head of Marketing. “Firstly, they grab the attention of the merchant customer, and secondly they help save time when it comes to product selection and any queries the customers may have. They can also relieve pressure on counter staff as they negate the need for customers to spend time waiting for answers on product sizes and suitability.”

The new point of sale is part of a wider programme of marketing support ForgeFix is launching for its merchant customers in 2023, including new training videos, packaging and a ‘good, better, best’ product range which encompasses ForgeFix’s popular Fasteners & Fixings, Spectre and ForgeFast brands.

For more details on ForgeFix click here or visit www.forgefix.co.uk 

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