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Point of sale: Deligo’s innovative bundles

A look at the latest display solutions to help increase your in-store purchases

Deligo has announced an exciting opportunity for retailers looking to enhance their point of sale displays. Deligo’s innovative bundles (#SnapSendSpend) are designed to effortlessly transform retail spaces into captivating showcases.

The bundles are curated assortments of high-quality products, strategically packaged to complement slat wall displays. Each bundle includes all the necessary items and accessories, ensuring a hassle-free and visually stunning point of sale setup, allowing wholesalers to elevate their store aesthetics while enjoying the convenience of a ready-to-display package.

Snap, Send, and Spend – a rewarding experience

To make purchases even more enticing, Deligo is offering an exclusive opportunity to earn a credit note of up to £150. Customers can participate by following these steps:

  1. Purchase a bundle: Choose a preferred bundle from the website and make the purchase using the stock code (e.g. FIXING-BUNDLE).
  2. Capture the display: Once the slat wall display is set up, take a snapshot highlighting its appeal.
  3. Email the photo: Send the completed photo to marketing@deligo.co.uk.
  4. Claim the credit note: Deligo will promptly reimburse with a credit note corresponding to the selected bundle.

Bundles available

Fixing Bundle

90 packs of assorted fixings, 1 x header (Deligo or Xiphos), 25 slat wall stickers, ample slat wall hooks, and a squeegee for easy application of stickers.

Solar Bundle

Explore a variety of new products in the Solar Range, curated to meet diverse needs.

Terminal Bundle

Immerse in 44 lines of cord end and other terminals, ensuring a comprehensive solution for displays.

Xiphos Bundle

Dive into the world of Xiphos with 31 lines of tools, blades, drills, and bits, all crafted to perfection under the Xiphos brand.

Additional display option

For added convenience, Deligo offers a cardboard display unit perfect for trade counters, which makes products easily accessible and visually appealing, even in smaller spaces.

View the Deligo Bundles online here

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