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Packing a punch

Installers rely on customer satisfaction to build up a solid base of repeat business and a steady stream of referrals. So, the quick installs that deliver extra benefits for their customers are always going to be useful weapons in their armoury. Here, Timeguard looks at some of the options available.

Going above and beyond the norm, they tend to give stockists opportunities for bigger margins, too. So, display them loud and proud at the counter and make sure your staff is briefed to help sell them.

Here are a few ideas:

Swapping out ugly, old outdoor lighting

People soon become used to the convenience of automatic outdoor lighting but, after a few years, the units can begin to look a bit tired. Even plastic lights have metal parts liable to rust.

The wiring is already in place, making selling in the idea of a replacement easy, but just fitting like for like is kicking the can down the road – the same problems of corrosion, stains on rendered walls and cloudy windows will soon recur. Instead, installers can make a real difference by choosing rust resistant models for damp areas where old lights are rusty. They can also add value by improving the looks of the property, choosing sleeker, windowless designs and perhaps all-white models to blend in better with rendered walls or for mounting on soffit boards.

Adding new ways of controlling outdoor lighting

Is the power switch for outdoor lighting in the right place for the end user? Often you’ll find it next to the door, but why not offer less-mobile customers the option of remote RF control. With the Timeguard remote fob it is also possible to ‘hide’ the RF remote inside any normal light switch, which won’t need to be connected to the mains or chased in – and of course it will never get lost! Leads from the remote are simply connected to the switch terminals and users can control their lights from a wall switch in any convenient location. The RF fobs described here are designed to work with the Timeguard LEDPro range of modular outdoor LEDS, with mix-and-match master and slave floodlights and a choice of PIR, photocell or RF control plug-in modules.

Switch off and save

Wherever there’s a fused spur, installers can save lives and money by making sure appliances like dangerous irons or expensive heaters won’t be left on accidentally. Simply replace the basic spur wire-for-wire with a device that also offers programmable time control. With these fused spur time switches, installers can add hard-wired programmable time control to virtually any device or appliance in the home.

An alternative approach allows boost timing – the device counts down and switches off automatically while still, of course, providing all-important fused spur protection.

Switch smarter

Light switches can be put to work as well, with integral PIR and time control. Again, replacing basic switches with these smarter devices could hardly be easier, but the benefits to end users are immediate and obvious.

WiFi for all

WiFi is the name of the game – and it seems you’re nobody unless you can switch something at home on and off from your phone these days. For most people, it is the heating that they want to manage, usually turning it on ahead of schedule if they are heading home earlier or delaying it if they’ve decided to stay out.

There are many devices on the market to do this, but perhaps the least expensive and simplest approach is adding WiFi functionality to the devices end users are going to need anyway – the fused spur timers, hard-wired time switches and thermostats. Again, the market will get more crowded but, coming back to what we said at the very start of this article, an installer relies on satisfied customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. Whatever they fit has to be reliable. The hardware is one thing – and branded quality will rarely let you down – but don’t forget the importance of the software apps that control WiFi devices. An app needs constant reviewing, debugging and updating. Without that, customer satisfaction soon goes out the window, and returns pile up on your counter.

Do encourage installers to take advantage of these nice little earners, but make sure you have their backs by supplying great products for them.


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