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Neomitis invests in Lot20 products


For years, Neomitis has been committed to fighting energy and climate issues. Here the company explains why it has invested in its Lot20 compliant range of products and how this could improve your sales opportunities.

From the outset, sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns. At each product design, we challenge ourselves to continually seek improvement and optimise the energy efficiency of our heat emitters. The goal: to reduce energy bills whilst preserving the comfort levels that the end-user requires.

Well aware of the constant need to improve energy efficiency in the housing sector, over 10 years ago we invested time and resources to develop a range of innovative features, which has now been introduced into our controllers and heat emitters.

A Lot of investment

For years we have included Ecodesign (Lot20) features on our range of electric radiators and radiant panel heaters, we have also decided to invest in extending these innovative features to our towel rails – offering one of the widest complete ranges of Ecodesign (Lot20) compliant products on the market. Furthermore, we have added a range of controllers for electric towel rails, as well as a complete range of ultra-slim hot air blowers that can be controlled remotely.

We have integrated the innovative features of the Ecosens² pack and Pack + into our towel rails and electric heaters, these features include: occupancy and open window protection, custom programming, PID control and more.

Lot20 by design

European Union regulation 2015/1188 / EU, associated with the ERP directive 2009/125 / EC defines the minimum requirements for products with high energy demand. The goal is to reduce energy demand and CO2 emissions, as well as increase the total share of renewable energy.

These directives apply to all heat emitters put into circulation in the European Economic Area (EEA), resulting in all individual heating devices being impacted. All new heat emitters will have to integrate this new regulation.

How to comply

Variations of features are included in our heating products, which ensures product compliance, including: electronic control of the ambient temperature, open window detection, change of command optimisation as well as others.

What’s on offer?

At Neomitis, we are aware that it is our duty to provide products that will reliably respond to your customer’s demands, meet current regulations, whilst being easy to install and operate, giving you a variety of products to offer your customers.

There are a number of electric heat emitters that showcase innovation, quality, design and cost control. The new product range from Neomitis includes: Anthemys, Lamelys, Myneo Fluid curved and Digital Aloe.

To take a look at the electric radiator range in depth, visit www.neomitis.com

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