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Meridian | Anti-corrosive fittings

Fundamental to Meridian LED Lighting is the extensive selection of anti-corrosive fittings, comprising the classic Weatherproof range for the commercial/industrial sectors, the recent addition of a Slimline range for the domestic/commercial markets and finally the Empty Body range largely for Industrial use.

The Standard range offers single and twin 4ft (24w/48w), 5ft (30w/60w) and 6ft (48w/96w) fittings plus emergency options on 5ft and 6ft. Delivering a 6500k daylight output, the weatherproof frosted PC diffuser protects against moisture, grease and UV radiation.

The stylish Slimline fittings deliver a 4,000k cool white output across single and twin 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft fittings with wattages from the 2ft (9w/18w) up to the 6ft (39w/70w). Emergency options come on all but the 2ft. This range is fitted with steel clips and mounting brackets for ease of installation.

Finally Empty Body single and twin 4ft, 5ft and 6ft sizes, can be surface or chain mounted and are compatible with Meridian’s T8 range of clear LED glass tubes.

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