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Martindale Electric simplifies phase sequence measurement

When it comes to verifying the phase sequence, or rotation, of three phase circuits, Martindale Electric offers a professional range of testers. Getting the phase sequence wrong can have devastating consequences for plant and machinery with serious implications for machine safety.

From motors running backwards through to cooling or lubricating systems underperforming, one wrong connection can lead to a major maintenance headache.

Providing enhanced user safety, Martindale Electric’s PSI4000 and PSI4300 non-contact phase sequence indicators can quickly and accurately identify three phase sequences for motor installations and other systems. Designed for use on both insulated and non-insulated conductors, the PSI4000 and PSI4300 carry out measurements via inductive crocodile clips, which can be simply clipped on to speed up testing and reduce the risk of coming into contact with live parts.

LEDs provide a clear indication of phase rotation and have a high intensity setting for when working in strong ambient light. Both models also offer a buzzer indicator. Similar in function, the only difference between the two-phase sequence indicators is that the PSI4000 provides a correct indication for clockwise sequence, as used in the building facilities industry, while the PSI4300 provides a correct indication for anticlockwise sequence as used, for example, in power utilities.

Another solution is the PC15250 phase rotation indicator, which has been specifically designed to quickly and simply prove the presence of all three live phases (or identify which are faulty) and show the sequence of phase rotation when all three phases are confirmed as present.

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