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Designed to last the task, Luceco’s wide range of inspection work lights provide reliable, high quality, innovative lighting tools for all trade and recreational uses.

The new Flexible Head Torch from Luceco uses the latest LED filament technology to create a lightweight, long-lasting wide angle head torch. Featuring two inbuilt LED torches on the band for focused spotlight and full wide beam illumination, the Flexible Head Torch also has motion sensor capabilities so it can be safely turned on and off without needing to down tools or repeatedly find and touch the switch.

It is lightweight and non-slip to keep it in place on safety headwear or directly on your head, making it perfect for every person from trade to recreational use, including electricians, painters, plumbers, mechanics and even night-time runners or dog walkers.

Luceco products are trusted, tested and reengineered with customer and user feedback to create a range that has a solution for every situation.

The inspection work light range utilises additional features including power banks and battery control to give torches a long-extended life, built in UV light options, magnets and clamps so lights can be placed anywhere they are needed, and open area lighting for illumination across an entire space.

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