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Let’s have a positive start to 2024 | Editor’s Viewpoint

January is a tricky time – for me it’s about how long should you wish everyone a Happy New Year!

If you start back at work straight after New Year then it’s very simple, but then you get those people who have an extra week off… or two weeks off.

At risk of being ‘that person’ Happy New Year to you all – there I did it!

A new year always brings with it a sense of hope and a promise for a bright year ahead and this is something that I like to cling onto for as long as possible – even during those cold long winter days.

In the electrical wholesaling industry there is a lot to look forward to in 2024. For a start there is the anticipation of ten issues of PEW bringing you all the latest products and news from the industry. It’s also a leap year so you get a bonus day to play with – sadly it isn’t a bank holiday but you can’t win them all.

This year will also see the Olympic and Paralympic Games take place in Paris with more than 10,000 Olympians and 4,400 Paralympians competing for gold medal glory. Now here’s an interesting fact – this will be the first year that break dancing is included as an Olympic Sport……I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest…perhaps it is one for future discussion!

One of the continuing developments for our industry will be the evolution of Smart Homes and with it the promise of a whole host of new products which promise all manner of amazing things – I’m not sure about you but I’m looking forward to seeing where this will take us next.

So, as we head through January hang onto that optimism – it won’t be long until the days start to get longer and before you know it we will (in true British style) be complaining about how hot it is! For now, grab a cup of tea and enjoy catching up on what’s happening in the industry.

See you next month


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