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Jefferson Tools’ top-tier equipment

Having reliable tools and efficiently supporting wholesalers is crucial for success. Northern Ireland’s Jefferson Tools has nailed both – and is emerging as a beacon of top-tier equipment and support, explains Darren Binns, Head of Sales. 

Whether it’s a simple domestic wiring task or a complex commercial installation, having the right tools for the job will make it a whole lot easier. That’s where Jefferson Tools comes into play – a company that understands the challenges professional electricians face in their line of work. From cable cutters and wire strippers to crimping tools and voltage testers, Northern Ireland based Jefferson Tools ensures that electricians are equipped with the best instruments to get the job done efficiently and safely. And Jefferson Tools also knows how to help its merchants promote, sell and profit from stocking the brand.

Superior product range

The company’s dedication to quality shines through in every aspect of its products and Jefferson Tools’ cutters are no exception. The high-grade steel blades make light work of cables of various sizes, making them a must-have for any electrician. Six-inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers (Jaw length – 22mm, cut capacity – 22.00mm and Gross Weight 0.25kgs) is ideal for electrical, automotive and construction applications. Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium, it has soft-feel rubber handles for improved handling and control. To the end its cutting edge is offset at a slight angle to the handles, allowing a close cut to a flat surface.

Heavy duty automatic wire strippers are another gem in Jefferson Tools’ product line up. With strip: 0.2-6mm², crimp: 0.5-6mm² they have been engineered with versatility in mind. These wire strippers offer adjustable cutting depths, allowing electricians to strip wires of different gauges with ease. The self-adjusting mechanism eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving time and effort. The non-slip handles provide good grip, ensuring accurate stripping without damaging the wire. This tool helps strip wires swiftly and efficiently, boosting productivity on the job.

For flawless crimping results, Jefferson Tools has the toolbox for the job; the. 102 Piece Crimping Tool Set. It includes 1x six-way crimping tool, 1x wire stripping tool, 1x black tape and 99 piece insulated crimping terminals. This tool was made to deliver professional-grade crimps on a wide range of connectors. With its precision-machined jaw, it ensures secure and consistent crimps, guaranteeing optimal electrical connections. The ergonomic handles and ratcheting mechanism offer comfort and ease of use, even in tight spaces. When it comes to crimping, thus set of tools is the go-to choose for electricians who demand excellence.

As every electrician knows, there are voltage testers… and there are voltage testers. Luckily, Jefferson Tools’ testers are the latter. Providing safe, efficient, and accurate testing on the job, the detection indicator LED flashes red and the built-in buzzer emits short beeps when AC voltage is detected, ensuring reliable results. Encased in durable ABS plastic resin, these testers boast a compact design and come with a convenient pocket clip for easy storage and access. With variable sensitivity and an LED torch for low light conditions, they are perfect for detecting AC voltage in cables, wires, sockets, and even locating breakpoints on live lines.

Trusted partner in wholesaling

Being a wholesaler isn’t just about selling products, it’s about building long lasting partnerships. In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the electrical sector, having reliable technical support is undeniably invaluable. Jefferson Tools takes this aspect seriously and has assembled a dedicated team of experts, poised and ready to assist wholesalers and their customers with any inquiries they may encounter. Whether it’s providing compelling point of sale material and merchandisers, or simply clarifying product specifications or offering troubleshooting assistance, their knowledgeable support staff is just a call away, ensuring that electricians and wholesalers can access vital information precisely when they need it the most.

By prioritising customer needs and fostering a culture of support and expertise, Jefferson Tools is solidifying its reputation as a dependable and indispensable partner for the electrical trade. In this way, we continue to thrive as a trusted wholesaler and stand as a testament to the value of exceptional customer service in the industry.

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