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How to offer full building control

Gira, a full-range supplier of intelligent system solutions for building management, talks to PEW about the launch of its new operating device for the KNX system.

The new Gira G1 is an intelligent central control unit for operating entire building technology such as lighting, blinds, temperature and more. Here Gira details some of its best selling points.

Specifically designed for the KNX system, all the functions can be operated via the multi-touch TFT colour display which is sharper and brighter than a common LCD display: it refreshes quickly to deliver better contrast and bypass any motion blur.

The 6” TFT colour display has a resolution of 480×800 pixels and 155ppi to guarantee extremely clear images, graphics and text are realised. Easily legible from every viewing angle, the new G1 utilises the Gira Interface: a completely new development which features a userfriendly control system with large fonts and easy-to-understand symbols.

From adjusting lighting and blinds, setting the room temperature, and online weather forecasting to door communication, the Gira G1 can be used to control many building technology functions intuitively. This is a key tool that specifiers will look for when considering home heating options, with the control of blinds allowing the user to affect the indoor temperate on hot, sunny days.

Eased installation:
A common selling point for the wholesaler, the installation process of the new Gira G1 is is desinged to be simple with three different flushmounted connection modules available: 230 V WLAN, 24 V WLAN and Power over Ethernet (PoE). The connection modules are commonly installed in the following places:

● 230 V WLAN is the standard module when new intelligent building technology is installed during refurbishment projects.

● The 24 V WLAN module can be installed in the flush-mounted box of an existing touch sensor for the KNX system. Power is supplied via the KNX line, and data is transferred via WLAN.

● Power over Ethernet (PoE) module is used in new builds, with the Gira G1 connected directly to a network cable and supplied with power.

To learn more about the Intelligent Build Technology available for Gira G1, visit: www.gira.com.

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