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Houseof brightens up boring bathrooms

In the last few years we have seen an influx in creativity in residential interiors.  Gone are the days of white boxes and chrome fittings, customers are being more creative with bold colours, patterns and materials, especially in small spaces. 

The bathroom hasn’t missed this growing trend and is proving to be the space in the house where people are being more creative than ever.  Bold patterned wallpapers and colourful tiles now adorn the walls of the downstairs cloakroom and, dare I say it, the avocado suite is making a comeback.

The item which has been slightly neglected in the bathroom is lighting.  A sea of chrome and clear light fittings have meant that customers have to settle for the ordinary in an extraordinary interior design scheme.  Until now.

Helen White, co-founder of houseof, describes the latest trends in bathroom lighting:

Flush lighting

Spotlights have often been the preferred option for space saving bathrooms but flush lighting is also a great option.  A flush dome ceiling light is a perfect option for tight spaces and low ceilings and offers a similar solution to spotlights because of its low form.

Mirror lighting

In a small bathroom setting you may not have the space for a central light fitting and so maximising wall space is key.  Mirror lighting is also incredibly practical and gives a luxurious feel to the space.  Use a corner wall light around the mirror to create a striking look.

Over-sink lighting

In small spaces people often forget about statement lighting and opt for lighting which blends into the existing architecture – like spotlights.  Statement lighting decentralised over the sink is a great wat your customer can recommend a look that stands out.

Angled lighting

Having a smaller space doesn’t mean that light output should be compromised. One fitting in the bathroom can do the job of three if chosen well.  To maximise output of light, advise your customer to use a fitting which has a large horizontal spread but shallow form.

Over bath lighting

A bath can be treated in the same way you treat a dining table and should be used as the focal point in the room.  Lighting can also be hung low in this position and so statement lighting can also be used.

Final Word

At houseof we are proud to champion bathroom lighting and have some handy tips on how to transform this space.  All of our bathroom lighting is IP44 rated and so suitable for bathroom zones.  They are resistant to splashes and moisture created in the bathroom.


To learn more about the variety of lighting options to fit a modern bathroom, visit: https://houseof.com/

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