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Most electricians will know that their hands are the most important tools on the job. Good skin care is therefore crucial to ensure that they are kept in good nick, and this Global Handwashing Day, the experts at Swarfega are encouraging wholesalers to promote this to their customers.

Founded by the Global Handwashing Partnership, this day is marked annually on the 15th October to help raise awareness of good handwashing and hygiene. But not only this, effective and thorough handwashing is vital when it comes to the prevention of occupational skin disorders (OSDs) – a skin care issue that is prevalent among electricians.

Occupational Skin Disorders

OSDs affect a huge number of people who work with their hands; around 40% of workers will be affected at some point in their career. They’re a lot more common than you may think. Dry, cracked and sore skin isn’t something to grin and bear – it can lead to seriously unpleasant skin disorders such as eczema or dermatitis.

One of the reasons OSDs are particularly prevalent among electricians is contact with contaminants on the job. Oil, grease and general dirt can be a daily sight, and contact with the hands either via surfaces or tools can soon take its toll. Even if the hands are damp or wet for prolonged periods of time, without proper skin care, you run the risk of developing an OSD.

Swarfega top tips

Working in skin care for over 70 years, Swarfega knows that the best cure for these skin disorders is prevention in the form of correct handwashing. Here are some top tips for your customers:

– Before slathering hands in the nearest cleaner to the sink, consider what kind of soiling you’re tackling. You may be using a cleaner that is too weak or strong – both of which can land your skin in poor condition. Aim for the mildest cleaner that will do the job, as this will help avoid loss of the skin’s natural oils.

– Try a hand cleaner with a non-abrasive scrubber for a deep clean on ingrained soiling. Washing up liquid and sugar? Don’t even think about it.

– Good skin care consists of three steps: protection, cleaning and restoring. Your advice to your customers should be: before work, apply a good protection cream – this will make skin easier to clean at the end of the day. Clean hands regularly throughout the day and apply a restoring moisturiser at the end of a shift.

It is estimated that each unreported case of dermatitis costs a business £6,000 – so quality skin care products are something that should be investing in and advising your customers on. For electricians who often work on the move, a lack of proper skin care products is a common issue. Spreading the word this Global Handwashing Day could help reduce the prevalence of OSDs and improve wellbeing among those in the trade, with just three steps to good skin care.


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