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Hamilton explores what the trend for metallics means for wholesalers

What’s in a plate finish? Hamilton explores what the trend for metallics means for wholesalers.

With clients paying more attention to design detail, and growing increasingly savvy in their spending, electrical wholesalers and contractors are under increasing pressure to come up with the goods.

So, suppliers like Hamilton Litestat that meet the needs of the electrician with a versatile product range and keep up with the latest interior trends, make life easier for us all.

Hamilton’s range of decorative wiring accessories now consists of 23 plate collections, available in up to 23 standard finishes. And thanks to the popularity of metallic finishes in both modern and traditional interiors, it really hits the spot.

Why are metallics such a big deal?

Gone are the days when warmer finishes such as brasses and bronzes were reserved only for period interiors. Or where black would only be considered for particularly daring schemes. Hamilton’s team of designers have noticed everyday interiors growing more sophisticated in their appearance, with layered textures becoming a big feature.

Wiring accessories in metallic finishes add another dimension to any interior design – complementing or even enhancing a chosen look rather than being an unavoidable imperfection. This offers wholesalers and their electrical contractor customers a great opportunity to benefit from the sales opportunities that metallic finishes provide.

With warmer finishes bringing radiance to an interior that nods to a more luxurious feel, cooler metallics offer a more calming appearance. And with so much choice available, the versatility of metallic is vast, presenting immense sales potential.

What do colour trends mean for wholesalers?

It goes without saying that what is popular, sells! So, a keen understanding of product desirability is vital for planning stock levels and forecasting sales. This knowledge not only bolsters confidence in making colour recommendations but extends to considerations of style and functionality as well.

Thanks to Hamilton’s designers keeping their fingers firmly on the pulse of the latest design trends, news of Dulux’s chosen colour of the year for 2024 didn’t go unnoticed. And it goes a long way to illustrate the end-user’s clear preference for warmer metallic tones and specific face plate appearances.

This year’s featured shade is named Sweet EmbraceTM, and, fluffy designer speak aside, it’s a soft and positive hue, crafted to bring balance and homeliness to any interior. With comfort as its defining quality, accessories in warming shades like brass and bronze become an instinctive choice. Similarly, on-trend colours such as Basalt Gray and Matt Black provide a sense of substance and reliability, further enhancing the feeling of security.

When a need for unobtrusiveness arises, a natural inclination toward flatter and softer plate designs emerges. Hamilton’s Hartland G2 – a slim and elegant plate with soft round edges, or their Sheer G2 – a flat, square edged plate, both feature a screwless finish, making them equally fitting choices.

So, where does functionality fit in?

Emphasising simplicity directs customers’ attention to the finer detail. This includes scrutinising switch options, plate configurations and functionality empowers them to personalise their interior to their exact liking. With this in mind, rocker switches, toggle switches and dimmers become interchangeable and so, Hamilton’s Grid-Fix plates are a useful solution for electrical contractors.

Toggle switches provide a minimalist appearance, seamlessly blending into their surroundings. Dimmer switches provide the flexibility to customise the room ambiance to the user’s preference. Rocker switches, with their simplicity, still hold a valuable place as a user-friendly solution. And not forgetting USB-A&C double switch sockets, now a must-have for charging all generations of smart devices. All these options are available in finishes that perfectly complement the face plate on which they are mounted.

Traditionally, when considering Grid-Fix as a solution, the end result might have been tainted by the inclusion of a plastic inlay plate, often limited in colour choices. This limitation is particularly noticeable when using toggle and dimmer switches.

And so, recognising metallic finishes remain firmly in the spotlight, Hamilton has developed a range of Grid-Fix inlay plates to provide a cost-effective and contractor-friendly solution, ensuring that interiors stay on-trend.

A stylish solution

Complementing its range of wiring accessory plate finishes, Hamilton has introduced 14 new metallic inlays. These are available in a variety of finishes, including Antique Brass, Satin Steel, Copper Bronze, Basalt Gray, Etrium Bronze, Richmond Bronze, Black Nickel, Gloss White, Satin Brass, Bright Chrome, Matt Black, White, Connaught Bronze and Polished Brass.

This allows easy adaption of lighting control using a Grid-Fix plate. Inlay plates to be selected to match either the switch or the plate finish for a more stylish appearance. In the case of Hamilton’s Linea range, frames can be chosen independently of the face plate, providing the flexibility to match or contrast with the switch or plate finish, depending upon the desired look.

In addition to the 14 inlay plate finishes, Hamilton also offers three trim options. Customers can choose from black, white and quartz grey to ensure any plastic element remains discreet.

The diversity of Hamilton’s offerings allows for the seamless customisation of wiring accessory solutions. This ensures they meet the contractor’s need for ease of fit, instilling confidence in your aesthetic recommendations.

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