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Gira’s ‘Touch & Slide’ top unit


Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers for intelligent building design and management, expand the capabilities of the Gira System 3000 which controls lighting, blinds and heat with the launch of a new touch top unit.

Giving end users the ability to control their lights, blinds and heating in one handy location, the new top unit can be operated via the Gira System 3000 app, Bluetooth or manually with its intuitive tactile‚ touch and slide controls.

With future-proof design a huge trend this year, the top unit gives home owners more control without the need to install a complete bus system and it can be fitted quickly and simply by installers over existing inserts.

Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK, says: “With increasing demand for integrated controls and systems in today’s smart home, we are delighted to introduce the new top unit to the trade. Inspired by the swipe-ability and convenience of the smartphone interface, this new control unit optimizes comfort for end users with its three touch-sensitive surfaces and innovative slider control. Electricians will benefit from its ease of installation with the ability to integrate three systems smoothly in a high-concept, aesthetically pleasing top unit to complement contemporary decors.”

Ensuring a greater level of triple-function control and flexibility to the smart home, the new Gira top unit offers the following highlights:

Adaptable and future-proof: made to exacting Gira standards for residential and commercial use, settings can be easily altered should user needs change and if more automation is required throughout the connected home. The Gira 3000 system is available in a range of options to suit the system required.

Clever functions: check on the status of heating, blinds and lights with a quick glance at the light bars on the control panel. It’s easy to adjust them with a gentle touch of the sliding switch and you can also save up to three of your favourite settings from the memory function. You can call them up whenever you wish, ideal for a gentle night-light or for brighter task lighting.

Modern, minimal style: available in a choice of contemporary colours and finishes to complement room schemes, the elegant design is ergonomic with flat and even surfaces. Mechanical wear and tear is reduced as there are no moving parts.

Compatible design: compatible with the Gira System 55, the new touch top unit can expand and adapt with each Gira switch-system as required, and now have the option to interchange between Design Lines and choice of flat or surface-mounted installation. This means the new system can be combined with the Gira frame variants of your choice and easily adapted to your existing design line at home. Go for a timeless design with the Gira E2, for example, or give the touch top unit even more elegance with the design line, Gira Esprit.

Colour expressions: helping the user define their own personal style and interior décor, Gira offers a range of colour variants to ensure the right look and feel for each project. Options include Pure white glossy, Pure white matt, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Anthracite and Black.

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