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Fluke Networks celebrates 30 Years with 30% savings on fibre testers

To celebrate 30 years at the forefront of network infrastructure testing, industry pioneer Fluke Networks is offering customers up to 30% savings on 30 of their most popular fibre testers.

Fluke Networks launched its first tester in 1992, sticking to what professionals had come to expect from Fluke—a rugged, reliable, and portable tester with advanced measurement capabilities. The company will celebrate by giving new and returning customers a deal on 30 of their most popular fibre products.

How it started

In May 1992, Fluke leaders set a mandate to a small internal team to find a new business opportunity. The team was given 100 days and $100,000 along with the authority to employ anyone in the company to help them in their efforts.

Soon, a team of about a dozen set out on their mission with a determined focus on the communications market, specifically, Local Area Networks. Fluke Networks’ first cable tester launched in December 1992.

In celebration of Fluke Networks being trusted in the field since 1992, it is offering all customers up to 30% discount on 30 popular fibre testing products.

Today’s Increased demand

Fibre optic cabling is increasingly preferred in the marketplace for use with innovative technologies and is the core of today’s datacom networks as demand for bandwidth increases. As network installation accelerates, the need for fibre testing and certification has also grown at a substantial rate. Fibre certification tests per TIA/EIA or ISO/IEC standards, when installing or upgrading fibre networks, are the best way to prevent problems.

Professional Network Tools Anyone Can Use

Rugged, accurate, and easy to use, Fluke Networks fibre tools have been the go-to for network cabling installers, architects, technicians and engineers since 1992.

Fluke fibre testers provide network professionals with the ability to reduce the time spent identifying the root cause of a fibre problem allowing them to be more profitable. Contaminated connections remain the number one cause of fibre related failures in data centres, campus, and other enterprise or telecom networking environments. Fluke fibre testers measure fibre length and optical loss, provide an instant PASS or FAIL indication, troubleshoot problems in fibre connections or help inspect fibre cabling to locate contamination.

Delivering value

In 2013, Fluke Networks introduced a revolutionary product that reduced cabling installation and maintenance costs by 65%: the Versiv™ Cabling Certification System. Cabling infrastructure market leaders in the UK, Redstone, almost upon availability upgraded their fleet to Versiv™ from the DTX and reported great efficiencies for their installation and maintenance technicians.

Roger Stevenson, Service Director at Redstone at the time reported, “One of the best features is ProjX™ which allows infrastructure installation teams to manage test lists with ease, beyond that it shows our customers that we invest in the best tool sets to deliver for their network”. It’s future-ready design supports copper certification, fibre loss, OTDR testing and as well as fibre-optic inspection. In recent years Versiv has been enhanced with Cat.8 measurement capability, a High Dynamic Range (HDR) OTDR and a MPO Fibre Inspection Camera.

Robert Luijten, Field Marketing Manager EMEA at Fluke Networks has been with the company for 25 years: “I have worked at Fluke Networks since the entrepreneurial early days, through to the established player we are today. Customers love what our products can do for them, and I am proud to represent a company that delivers value for its customers this way. Fluke Networks has delved deep into the intricacies of fibre-optic networks systems, to develop fibre inspection products for professionals with ease-of-use and accuracy at the heart of their design.”

For more information about Fluke Networks’ 30-year celebration, click here

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