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FACE TO FACE | PEW interviews Glen Krise, Managing Director of Megaman UK

PEW recently interviewed Glen Krise, Managing Director of Megaman UK – a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting solutions.

Q. How did you get into the industry and what is your current position?

A. After leaving full time education, my fist job in the industry was as a customer service agent for what was then Thorn EMI. It was there that I quickly developed an interest in lighting and the professional electrical distribution market and attended as many courses on lighting as I could.

Since then I have had a number of roles with companies including Sylvania, Chloride Bardic, MK Electric and Honeywell, covering products from lighting and lamps, to door bells and intruder alarms, but I have always stuck with the electrical market.

Finally, I joined Megaman in 2010 where I am now Managing Director of Megaman UK and Megaman GmbH as well as Director of parent company Neonlite International.

Q. How has the industry changed over recent years?

A. We have seen significant growth in the integrated LED fixtures market due to their long life span, lumen capability and also the design flexibility that is brought about by the integration of lighting technology within the product allowing the fixtures to be much slimmer.

As the lifespan of LEDs has increased, we have found that lamps are being seen less as a commodity item and more as an investment that will last.

As such, we have seen an increase in sales of our Professional LEDs, as well as integrated fixtures because specifiers now have the confidence that they will not need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Q. What do you consider Megaman’s unique selling points?

A. Our experience in the market place is definitely a selling point along with our staff’s passion for what they do. Since Megaman emerged on to the UK market in 1994 we have been constantly adapting to the needs and challenges of the lighting sector as requirements and legislation have changed.

Our sales team is currently headed by Micaela Abbott, National Sales Manager, who joined Megaman thirteen years ago after working for an electrical wholesaler herself. Her enthusiasm and the passion of the entire sales team is second to none.

In terms of what sets us apart, I think that really lies in our commitment to innovation. We take a standard product that hasn’t been changed for years and ask: how can we improve this? What can we do to this product to make things that bit simpler for the installer?

Given we own our factories, this allows us to be really agile when it comes to developing product in line with market drivers; creating innovative products that meet all our customers’ needs.   

Q. What is Megaman trying to achieve in the next few years?

A. We will be expanding our range of flexible one box fixture solutions. Shelf space is always an ongoing issue in many wholesalers as they struggle to accommodate all of the lines they need to service their customers.

Our one box solutions not only aid the management of shelf space for the stockist, they can also be kept on the contractor’s van as a day to day essential, as well as providing a variety of adaptable features to the end client.

For example, our new RENZO LED Modular Bulkheads – which are generally large, bulky products to stock – come with combined Colour Change Technology (CCT), a dual lumen output and a plug and play microwave and emergency sensor all in one box.

This means there is only one modular bulkhead line that a wholesaler needs to stock to fulfil all the needs of its customers. We have several more innovative offerings in the pipeline that will fulfil a similar requirement – easing the issues of the stockists while also covering the needs of the customer as well.


For more information on Megaman’s range of lamps and fixtures, please visit: megamanuk.com/

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