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FACE TO FACE | PEW interviews Craig Slater, Managing Director of Sevadis

For this month’s Face to Face, we interviewed Craig Slater, Managing Director of Sevadis, to get his view on the EV charging sector.

How and when were Sevadis formed?

Sevadis has been providing electric vehicle charging solutions to the domestic and commercial sectors since 2016. Since its establishment, Sevadis has formed a part of many businesses and organisations making the transition to electric vehicles, whilst also providing EV drivers with a seamless charging experience. Whilst Sevadis was founded in 2016 as part of the BJA Trading Group, 2022 saw the ‘rebirth’ of Sevadis with a keen focus on recruiting industry experts across various business operations to drive the company forward.

How can installers and wholesalers take advantage of the growing EV charging market?

As electric vehicle adoption continues and businesses take Net-Zero pledges, it goes without saying that ample opportunities exist for both wholesalers and installers – and this is only the beginning. For wholesalers, stocking and selling EV charging points and equipment is a no-brainer as more and more installers join the electric vehicle revolution, offering their domestic and commercial customers EV charging point installation as a service. For installers, the addition of offering the installation of EV charging points not only diversifies their portfolio, but places them in good stead for the future of electrified transport. There are numerous opportunities to take advantage of in a local capacity, but those installers who become specialists in the field of EV charging point installation will gain the ability to work on large-scale projects, including national deployment of infrastructure, which in turn becomes an attractive revenue stream.

Are you seeing an increase in the number of businesses and organisations installing EV charging points?

At a rate like never before. I have been a professional in the EV industry for over eight years and I can confidently say that the last 12-18 months have been the busiest periods to date – this pattern is set to continue. We’re not just seeing blue chip corporations deploy EV charging infrastructure, we’re seeing businesses of all shapes, sizes and disciplines; from Airbnbs to restaurants, attraction destinations to theme parks, gyms to exhibition centres, offices to medical facilities – almost all disciplines are beginning to introduce EV charging as part of their services to their customers/visitors and, to their employees too.

Do business premises require different charging solutions to those installed at residential properties?

Yes and no. Last year, Sevadis launched the award-winning MaxiCharger, an electric vehicle charging point that is universally applicable to all locations and scenarios, whether that be for businesses or the home. However, requirements of businesses may differ depending on the user-case. For example, a football club may want to offer EV charging facilities to their visitors at a cost, whilst a local authority may want to offer EV charging facilities to residents for FOC during non-peak hours. The way in which EV charging points are used will differ, depending on the overall intentions and goals for the EV charging point operators.

What changes were brought about by the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 and how will they impact the industry?

The new regulations consist of two elements; 1) all private EV charging points must have smart functionality, alleviating pressure on the grid and 2) all private EV charging points must adhere to the safety and security requirements outlined within the regulations. The impact on the industry is positive; the implementation of the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 ensures that electricity supply is protected on a national infrastructure scale, whilst also allowing for safe and secure charging. The latter was enforced earlier this year under Schedule 1 of the regulations and we are already seeing consumer confidence as people are feeling at ease and at peace knowing that they are able to charge their EVs without their data and hardware safety being compromised.

What are the Sevadis aims and objectives for the year ahead?

Last year was our revolution, this year is our evolution. We are still fairly new in the industry and navigating the ever-growing and ever-changing sphere can be a challenge, especially when there are EV charging point companies being born almost every week. In 2023, Sevadis has a strong expansion plan; more expert individuals; more presence and more integration of key partnerships to support the delivery of robust and future-proofed EV charging solutions to all sectors. One of our key objectives is to be the educators in the industry, providing installers and alike with know-hows and support that in turn breeds confidence when it comes to delivering an EV charging point project. We are already becoming the ‘go to’ for information and education through our approach in communications and this will continue in 2023, and beyond.

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