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ESP looks at the latest exterior security lighting


Securing a home or business property from unwanted attention doesn’t necessarily mean investing in the very latest CCTV system. Exterior security lighting can provide a simple to install and affordable way of enhancing home and business security. Neil Baldwin, Managing Director at ESP, looks at some of the options available.

For those clients with no external security measures in place to protect their properties, the installation of a simple camera and security floodlight system could be the answer to deterring unwanted intruders. There are a range of products available, such as a complete, all-in-one, energy-efficient, high-performance LED PIR floodlight system.

A combined security camera and LED floodlight like ESP’s GuardCam LED, for example, is suitable not just for securing domestic properties, but also for areas around offices and industrial or agricultural units. These systems are straightforward to install by simply connecting to the mains power, fixing to the wall and setting the time and date via the supplied SD card. Once switched on it will detect an intruder, floodlight the area, and initiate a High Definition video recording directly to an internal SD card. If selected, an audible warning can be delivered, and users have the ability to record their own warning message.

Smart solutions

For a more sophisticated solution there are Wi-Fi versions available that offers the additional benefit of remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet. The GuardCam Deco for example is a combined Wi-Fi security camera and LED floodlight system, which has been designed with ease of set up as a key feature. The remote monitoring function via smartphone or tablet is available using ESP’s specially developed ESP Smart app. With a built-in camera that offers full 1080p HD live viewing and recording, this type of security camera and floodlight system is an ideal all-in-one solution for domestic and commercial applications.


On approaching the unit, it will detect the intruder with proven PIR technology at a distance of up to 10 metres from the unit. It will floodlight the area, initiate a video recording and provide the user with an option to deliver a two-way audio message or activate the inbuilt alarm warning. It features an adjustable 16W high-intensity LED Security Lamp (3,000k colour light and 800 lumen) and you can remotely dim or turn on/off the LED lamp via the app. It will record up to 200, twenty-second video sessions onto the supplied 8GB storage, and this is expandable up to 64GB.

GuardCam LED Wi-Fi has the option to deliver motion activation notifications via the app whilst recording the activation. The user friendly app also allows recordings to be accessed.   The integral High Definition digital camera offers wide angle camera view and clear image recording in video format. Night images retain colour and clarity due to the automatic LED light illumination.



Stylish lighting

For other projects, it may be that exterior lighting is required simply to light up areas to the front, back or side of a property to make access around these areas safe during the dark. If this is the case, there are a number of options for a good quality LED floodlighting provision. Today there are slimline low energy LED floodlights available that are meeting the growing trend for a stylish, more aesthetic lighting solution than the bulky options often associated with floodlights.



A range like ESP’s NightHawk Plus offers a choice of wattage/lumen outputs to ensure a solution for a broad range of applications, from small walkways, through to large gardens and work yards. The range offers 10W/800 lumen, 20W/1600 lumen, 30W/2400 lumen and 50W/4000 lumen fittings, with each one available as a straightforward floodlight and as a PIR version.

The standard fitting is switched on and off manually or can be wired into an external device – such as a digital timer – and is suitable where control of the lighting system is preferred. The built-in PIR sensor fitting provides added security, and it comes with predefined settings – range, Lux level and the trigger time duration parameters – for ease of use.

The fittings are simple and straightforward to install using the adjustable bracket supplied. They each offer a 4,000K colour temperature which produces a cool white output and they feature a textured diffuser which helps prevent an intense glare and adds to the overall aesthetic design. Each product in the range is available in black or white to maximise the choice and appeal to suit all exteriors. The robust housings are IP65 rated.

Even where an existing external light or security light might be in place, chances are that it is old, corroded and out of order. Yet, a fully functioning, replacement solution can be installed in no more than 15 minutes and without the need for additional cabling. This is an easy solution for your customers to sell to their clients.

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