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EDA Insight: wiring devices and controls

EDA Product Knowledge Modules help businesses like yours create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by building confidence. Training to improve product knowledge means your team can be one step ahead, looking for opportunities to be of greater service to your customers and secure additional sales into the bargain.

Wiring Devices and Controls is one of the 12 training courses in the programme, but you choose only the modules your team needs – there is no obligation to study all 12. This module has just been refreshed so the training inside is right up to date.

“Great modules from start to finish. Great layout and easy to understand. Also great as a refresher” says one learner. Overall, the modules have a 97% feedback rating of Good or Very Good.

Professional know-how to drive sales

Improving your team’s technical know-how through the EDA’s training could unlock additional revenue for your business. You’ll cover:

  • Introduction to wiring devices and controls
  • Switches
  • Styles, mounting arrangements and backboxes for wall mounted socket-outlets and switches and associated products
  • Plugs and socket-outlets
  • Fixed wiring to free wiring connection devices
  • Modular wiring accessories
  • Other overhead lighting accessories
  • Ancillaries
  • Smart controls

Double accreditation for your peace of mind

A City & Guilds Accredited Programme it harnesses decades of combined expertise from product experts at EDA manufacturers and allied trade associations to create accessible and practical training for you and your team.

EDA Product Knowledge modules are also approved for Continuing Professional Development by The CPD Certification Service.

Test your knowledge

Have a go at this quiz and check your answers below. If the results show that you need to boost your team’s know-how, talk to the EDA today.

Q1: What features might a smart socket outlet have?

Q2: What do we need to remember when considering additional or replacement push-buttons for a wireless set of door chimes?

Q3: What does SFCU mean?

Q4: What is the key advantage of grid switches over Euromod switches?

Q5: Can a BS 4573 dry-area shaver outlet be used in a bathroom?

Q6: What are the two uses of the term gang?


How did you do? (Scroll down for Answers)

Full marks: Fantastic, your sales must be looking very healthy.

3 – 5 out of 6: Not bad. Could the EDA training help you to fill in any gaps in your knowledge?

Less than 3: The EDA Product Knowledge Programme could be just what you need to boost sales.






Q1: Remote control, time control, energy monitoring or metering.

Q2: The door chime has to be compatible with the push-button, usually from the same manufacturer and product range. If an additional button is to be fitted, the door chime must be compatible with the total number of buttons.

Q3: Switched Fused Connection Unit.

Q4: Grid switches can have a larger number of module ‘ways’.

Q5: No. Bathroom outlets have to have a safety isolation transformer. BS 4573 (‘dry-area’) shaver outlets do not have a safety isolating transformer.

Q6: It can refer either to:

  • The number of switches or socket-outlets on the accessory faceplate; or
  • The size of the standard accessory backbox. 

There’s plenty of information available at www.eda.org.uk including a downloadable Course Directory, giving you a summary of what’s covered in each of the 12 training modules.

Download the Course Directory here

The EDA team is ready to help. Call 020 3141 7350 or email training@eda.org.uk

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