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EDA Insight modules: Customer Service Training Quiz

The EDA’s Product Knowledge Modules help businesses like yours create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by building knowledge and confidence. These training modules have won a Princess Royal Training Award so you can be assured of their value.

Customer Services is one of 12 training courses in the programme. The EDA modules are completely flexible and can be studied in any order or combination. You choose only the training your team needs.

E-learning option

All the cmodules are available in a digital format instead of a printed textbook. The digital learning option is a complete e-learning experience with videos and interactive content. The EDA team is happy to talk you through your options and can give you a demonstration of the new e-learning platform.

The Customer Service training module covers:

  • Introducing our customers
  • What is excellent customer service?
  • The customer journey
  • Customer service: right first time, every time
  • The importance of stock availability
  • Time management
  • The skills of questioning and listening
  • Selling add-ons as a service
  • Measuring customer service and going the extra mile


Have a go at this quiz sampled from the Customer Service module. Then check your answers below. If the results show that you need to boost your team’s know-how, talk to the EDA today.

Q1: If using barcodes in your warehouse, what must we ensure before putting away any product?

Q2: How would you describe the 80/20 rule?

Q3: What should you do if you have promised something to a customer by a certain time, but you realize it can’t be achieved?

Q4: How can you measure customer complaints for stock availability?

Q5: What will a to do list hopefully stop you doing?

Q6: What are the benefits of measuring your service?












Q1: That the product has a barcode label on it.
Q2: 80% of your sales will be produced from 20% of your products.
Q3: Call them and let them know.
Q4: Number of Stock lines (SKU’s) / (divided by) number of SKU’s on backorder = % Available
Q5: Forgetting things
Q6: To identify areas where you need to improve by implementing corrective action


Full marks: Well done!

3 – 5 out of 6: Not bad. Could the EDA training help you to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and help you progress in your career?

Less than 3: The EDA Product Knowledge Programme could be just what you need to boost sales.


There’s plenty of information online at www.eda.org.uk including videos and a downloadable Course Directory, giving you a summary of what’s covered in each of the 12 training modules. The EDA team is ready to help. Visit ???

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