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eCommerce & ERP partnership celebrates five year anniversary

Award-winning eCommerce provider, Aphix Software, and leading ERP and Business Management Software vendor, Intact Software, are celebrating five years as business partners in 2019.

The partnership ensures integration between two leading technology providers and has enabled hundreds of B2B companies, such as merchants, wholesalers, and distributors across the UK and Ireland, to generate over €200 million in online sales and mobile orders in five years.

This combination offers joint customers the option to launch any, or all, of the multiple digital ordering products developed by Aphix Software, including B2B eCommerce websites and mobile ordering applications available for sales reps and for customers.

Intact Group Sales Director, Mark McArdle, Comments: “We had customers coming to us looking for a solution to the unique challenges they faced with getting their business model online. They could see the potential to grow their business with digital but were unsure where to turn.

They already trusted us to provide their ERP and knew it was vital that any online solution had to be able to ‘talk to’ their Intact system. We worked closely with Aphix to deliver the right solution and five years on, we return to them again and again when customers come to us with the same problems and ambitions for growth.”

The B2B e-commerce market is worth £75 billion in the UK currently, which is more than double that of the B2C market, with similar trends elsewhere.

For more information on the software platforms, visit: www.aphixsoftware.com and www.intactsoftware.com

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