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C.K Tools has launched the new ArmourSlice EVO Cable Stripper – designed to deliver greater effectiveness for electricians in their everyday work.

A high-quality redesign of one of C.K Tools most popular innovations thanks to the speed and precision achieved by using it, the new ArmourSlice EVO offers superior stripping and cutting abilities making it faster, easier and safer to strip SWA cables than conventional stripping methods.

The next generation ArmourSlice features an innovative new quick-clamp design allowing for rapid tool fitment and removal as well as a new finger-grip handle for greater rotational force and faster cutting – providing busy electricians with an efficient method of stripping SWA cables ready for termination.

The new ArmourSlice EVO scores armour strands to a uniform depth for a clean break off and trouble-free gland connection. The automatic cable clamp applies constant pressure throughout the cut with no retightening necessary, ensuring no cable slip or over-scoring, while the wide cable clamp ensures perfect blade to cable alignment for precise cuts on cables from 12mm up to 36mm. The high quality, modern tool has a rugged all-metal construction for exceptional durability.

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