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Catch your customers eye with KNIPEX’s multipurpose cable stripping tools

Handheld, multipurpose cable stripping tools are proving popular with electrical contractors, explains KNIPEX UK Marketing Manager David Barnes.

Electricians normally use several tools for different types of cable such as round, coaxial and data cable: the requirements of wire stripping differ too much to contain them in one tool. At least, that has been the case until now.


With the KNIPEX ErgoStrip (16 95 01 SB), a number of tools can be left in the tool bag during installation work. This universal dismantling and wire stripping tool makes it possible to dismantle and strip all standard cables in modern house wiring with a few hand movements and without changing tools.

The functional versatility of the universal dismantling and wire stripping tool lies in its design. The two-shell pistol handle design has made it possible to integrate several functions – and the ErgoStrip also sits extremely well in the hand. The ends of the tool are tapered at the front, thereby permitting space-saving dismantling work in flush mounted sockets. Markings inside the tool permit accurately repeated stripping of single conductors and dismantling of coax cables. A simple twist movement when dismantling and stripping, or a straightforward slit in the case of long dismantling distances, and the desired result is achieved.


The preparatory work before wiring on a terminal box, distribution box, power or network sockets, can be carried out accurately and in a time-saving manner using the KNIPEX ErgoStrip: slits on the cable to dismantle longer sections, dismantling deep in surface and flush mounted sockets to leave the minimum sheathing required; stripping single conductors and – very important in today’s house wiring – the dismantling and stripping of coaxial cables for satellite and cable networks as well as data cables for home networks (LAN).

The new KNIPEX NexStrip (12 72 190), meanwhile, is a must-have multitool for all electricians. This versatile tool cuts, strips and crimps – three crucial applications all at the same time. It isolates flexible and solid conductors from 0.03 to 10mm² with automatic adaptation to the cable cross-sections; it self-adjusts wire end sleeves between 0.25 to 4mm² /2 x 2.5mm²; and cuts flexible conductors up to 10mm². The KNIPEX NexStrip is perfect for domestic installations and helps save valuable time.


Point of sale

Point of sale is of course important for wholesalers and in this case, the ErgoStrip point of sale material has been designed to be small enough to sit on the trade counter but big enough to make an instant impact on customers, encouraging spontaneous purchases at the till area. The display is made from high-quality cardboard, with a high gloss print and beautifully highlights the key features of selected products.

Cable strippers are an important part of an electrical contractor’s tool kit and electrical wholesalers have a great opportunity to catch the eye of their customers with the KNIPEX range.

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