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C.K Tools has developed a range of screwdrivers that offer a comprehensive solution for terminal screws during switchgear installations, eliminating irritating, time-wasting and costly breakage caused by ill-fitting screwdrivers.

Developed in collaboration with a panel of electricians, the new expanded Dextro VDE Modulo Slim range covers all screw types commonly used in circuit breakers, contractors, relays, terminal blocks, PCB clamps and electrical boards, as well as those found in RCBOs.

With the backbone of the series comprising the Slotted/Pozi and Slotted/Phillips tip types, in both size one and two, the selection is completed with a unique product for each style, the brand new Modulo Ultra Slim screwdriver. This unique design combines all the access of a slim size one screwdriver, with the profile and strength of a size two. Accessing recessed screws for precision insertion and removal has never been easier, with zero risk of damage while affording a perfect fit for all types of terminal screws.

Dextro VDE Modulo Ultra Slim screwdrivers build on the wider success of the award winning Dextro VDE range, which is ergonomically designed to give an extra quarter turn thanks to its superior grip. Boasting comfort, control and safety, Dextro VDE screwdrivers are individually tested to 10,000V.

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