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C.K Tools launches new range

The new range covers a wide variety of applications and includes: An Automatic Wire Stripper; Automatic Cable & Wire Stripper; Universal Cable Stripper; Coax Cable Stripper; and Cable Stripper. Some of the range includes:

C.K Automatic Wire Stripper (T1261): Designed for stripping solid and stranded wires from 0.2 – 6.0mm² (24-10 AWG) these wire strippers provide automatic wire size adjustment for convenience. 

C.K Automatic Cable & Wire Stripper (T1260): Designed for stripping flat cables up to 12mm in width, this cable and wire stripper quickly removes both the external sheathing and internal conductor insulation.

C.K Universal Cable Stripper (T1270): Provides razor sharp, pre-set stripping blades for fast, precise and damage-free stripping of all common round cables with 8-15mmØ. Two stripping notches with length stop for stripping conductors – suitable for stripping wires of 1.5 and 2.5mm² (16 & 14 AWG).


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