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‘Bread and Butter’ | Editor’s Viewpoint September 2020

The above is a line I picked up from an article within this issue that I think has particular relevance to the current time we’re living in.

The next few months, and possibly years ,are going to be tough – an apparent renewed focus of building aside, people’s pockets are not going be as deep as they were and that makes me wonder if going back to basics is the way forward.

Over the last five or so years, we have seen an explosion in smart technology products hitting the market and heard that smart technology is only on an upward trajectory and this trend looked set to continue with more and more people investing in smart technology, including in residential, business and commercial spaces.

However, with the uncertain economy now before us as a result of an extended lockdown period due to the Covid-19 virus, it may be wise to proceed with caution. Looking at your bread and butter, the products that keep your business ticking over, is as important as ever in light of everything that is going on.

Within this issue, Timeguard examines the idea that less is more. Specifically, the company looks at lighting controls. Timed switching and dimming sounds simple in a world of complex smart homes that can even work intuitively without the user needing to input anything. But in this new world, budgets are being slashed and purse strings tightened.

So why not offer your customer and by extension, theirs, a solution that does the job at an affordable price – giving the client what they want and keeping your business ticking over. It’s not ideal as I am sure some people would have had dreams of expansion and increased turnover, but keeping things moving in a sustainable way is now just as important. Generally, a tempered expectation of customer demand in the next 12-18 months will be needed.

I am not saying ignore new tech and innovation completely, as it is constantly evolving and creating exciting products and solutions, but keeping an eye on those bread and butter lines and the changing requirements of the customer in the upcoming months will be key.

Looking at this issue of PEW we shine a light on the world of lighting, internal and external, as well as looking at lighting controls and how keeping down costs is going to be crucial on building projects – an opportunity arises for the wholesaler.

Meanwhile a new feature enters the PEW world: Tools. Here we consider some of the latest trends in the tools market as well as finding out more about the rise of cordless battery technology. CK Tools has been using feedback from professionals to develop its range of products, so make sure you are up to date with the latest trends.

I hope those of you that are now back to some sort of normality are prospering in this difficult time, it would be great to hear from you and how you have coped during the last 4-5 months.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact on my email at the top left hand side of this page and tell me how you are getting on and moving forward.

Have a good month and enjoy the issue.



Michael Connolly