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Ansell Lighting unveils low-glare additions to its commercial range

Ideal for commercial spaces where visual comfort is key, Ansell Lighting has unveiled two new low-glare additions to its commercial range.

Volo CCT Recessed Modular and Humber Suspended Linear have both been designed to deliver a UGR<19 rating when installed at typical heights and spacings, controlling the risk of glare and visual discomfort being caused to occupants of the building.

Suitable for spaces where both ambient and task lighting is required from one source, Volo is a high performance direct/indirect luminaire that delivers optimum output.

An alternative solution to the classic panel fitting, the architectural LED emits direct light from a central micro-prism diffuser alongside indirect output from the side diffuser sections.

The latest addition to Ansell Lighting’s linear range, Humber is a design-led, modern suspension light featuring a slim, black powder coated, aluminium profile.

Ideal for most commercial interior lighting settings, including offices, retail and hospitality spaces, Humber has a black polycarbonate reflector with individual optics helping specifiers to deliver a low UGR<19 rating.

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