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Fuelled by the ever-increasing popularity of strip lighting, Ansell lighting has unveiled its brand-new LED Cell strip range.

The launch consists of eight different product collections, addressing every project need. Colour choices are well catered for with RGBW, RGB, RGBTW and single colour options available across the ranges as well as IP20, IP65 and IP67 durability ratings. Supplied with a self-adhesive back, all of Ansell’s LED strip lights are easy to install with no additional adhesive or fixings required.

The first collection in the strip range is C-CELL – a COB continuous output strip that delivers an enhanced aesthetic appearance. Unlike many strip lights, C-CELL gives out seamless continuous light, so it is dot free, ideal for residential, hospitality and retail applications.

D-CELL is a range of dim to warm strip lights providing applications with great versatility. When undimmed the 3000K colour temperature is ideal for task lighting but when dimmed the 1800K output provides a more relaxed and intimate aesthetic.

Providing an economical option E-CELL is a traditional LED strip ideal for general use, whilst H-CELL is a high efficiency option delivering strong levels of illumination whilst providing great energy saving benefits.

The fifth product in Ansell’s new LED strip range is K-CELL. Suitable for high end residential, hospitality and retail applications it features extremely small cutting points enabling users to get an exact cut to the length required.

Designed for peak performance, P-CELL is a professional LED strip with super high efficacy helping to reduce overall energy consumption in large scale installations. It also features the most extensive range of colour temperature options and power options of all Ansell strip products for the ultimate in flexibility and versatility.

Ideal for internal and external installations where power supply locations few and far between, U–CELL is an ultra-long LED strip available in up to 50m lengths whilst Z-CELL is a flexible LED strip that bends so can be used on installations featuring corners or bends without breaking or being damaged.

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