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The current Airmaster range of portable air conditioners includes 9,000 and 12,000 btu units in two versions.

All are portable and highly versatile with the ability to cool, fan or dehumidify and come fitted with an R290 refrigerant and frost protection function. With compact modern designs, they are all floor standing and easily moved around with omni-directional wheels.

Whilst these features are standard to both pairs of units, an addition last year saw upgrades with version two featuring wi-fi and remote battery controls and a 0 to 24 hour programmable timer.

Now Airmaster has announced the launch of an enhanced version of a new 9,000btu unit with the ability to operate at a low noise level of only 45dB, whilst also having the benefit of flexible smart controls either on Wi-Fi via a mobile phone app or with a supplied battery operated remote controller.

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