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AEI Cables Urges Supply Chain to Follow Legislation

AEI Cables is highlighting the need for the supply chain to be aware of the various pieces of legislation and guidance in the selection of cables to help make Britain’s buildings safer.

The systems powered by these cables – including smoke and heat extraction systems – assist fire services in firefighting and a safe evacuation in the case of life safety.

The company has been communicating the importance of following the technical guidance for the selection and installation of cables for Category 3 Control fire performance cables under the revised British Standard BS8519: 2020. These cables reduce harmful smoke, toxic gases and flame spread in the event of a real fire.

At the same time, AEI Cables has been raising awareness of the Building Safety Act 2022 which makes new demands on the supply chain in the interests of safety and governance.

Stuart Dover, general manager of AEI Cables, said: “These are important pieces of guidance and legislation which have been introduced for the right reasons to add further levels of safety to the supply chain. “We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get the selection of cables right for these applications. If these systems fail because the cable is not able to function properly then the consequences are apparent. Lives and property are at stake here.”

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