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5 Top Tips on finding the best van storage solutions

Deborah Hunt, Marketing Manager at Van Vault, provides her top tips on how electrical wholesalers can help customers find the best storage solution for their van, just by asking the right questions.

A recent report by in-vehicle storage manufacturer, Van Vault, highlights that 62% of electricians value the importance of secure storage and have a storage product in their van.

However, 30% of tradespeople said they may buy a new storage box if they have a new van. Therefore, wholesalers are in the perfect position to offer customers important advice on the best products to meet their requirements. But first, they need to make sure they are asking the right questions. Below is a list of key questions to ask your customers that are considering their storage options.

  1. What tools do you store in your van on a regular basis?

To start with, wholesalers should establish what tools the electrician will be storing in their van, for instance power tools or hand tools, as these will vary in size and will affect how large the storage needs to be. A Van Vault 2, for instance, is ideal for storing larger equipment as it is 49cm in height and 93cm in length. It comes with a wide mouth drop front for greater access and visibility of contents inside. If the tools are smaller though, a Van Vault Slider or Stacker XL might want to be considered, as they provide quick and easy access via a drawer system.

  1. How large is the space where you will keep your tool storage?

With electricians often owning a variety of vehicles ranging from different sized vans to a pick-up truck, the amount of space they have available may affect what storage they choose. By asking this question, wholesalers can uncover whether their customers are limited on space and require a smaller or narrower storage drawer. A Van Vault Slim Slider or Slider, for instance, allows you to store equipment on top to maximise floor space.

  1. What feature is most important when storing your tools?

Electricians may also look for particular selling points. Depending on requirements and where they place the product, they may prefer box style storage with a lid which opens up, or a drawer system that pulls out. The Van Vault 2 features an easy-lift gas strut and provides ample room for tool storage inside. Alternatively, the Slider or Slim Slider comes with a drawer function, which can be pulled out into an open space from the side or back of a van for easy access. It is also constructed with a reinforced, slip-resistant top which takes the weight of other equipment on top of the vault.

The slider maximises floor space
  1. Is security a priority?

With the value of tools left in tradespeople’s vans now averaging £2,881[1], and with electricians having the most expensive tools across all trades, security is often of the upmost importance. In fact, Van Vault’s research highlighted that 86% of traders think security is an important aspect of their decision when buying storage containers.

As wholesalers may offer a variety of storage solutions at a range of prices, establishing whether security is important can help inform the buying decision. For instance, all of the Van Vault boxes and drawers have recently been upgraded to feature the new Vaultlock locking system which provides advanced protection against drilling, picking and cutting. It is also the first vehicle storage brand to be awarded Silver status by Sold Secure, an independent testing house owned by the Master Locksmith Association. It’s also accredited by Secured by Design – the UK’s Police approved standard.

  1. Will you be moving your secure storage regularly, for instance by keeping it in your garage or on site?

Some electricians may prefer to move their tools around with them, rather than always keeping them in a fixed place and so, a more flexible solution, such as a Van Vault Mobi, may need to be recommended, as it is designed for use on-the-go and comes with a docking station.

Alternatively, all products feature mounting points and a fixing kit, allowing electricians to secure them to their vehicle.

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