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Giveaway: 1 x Tough By Swarfega wipes tube

For many electricians, working on the move is part of the job. Skin care might comprise of a quick wipe with a rag or perhaps a quick rinse with water – but mobile workers still come into contact with plenty of unpleasant contaminants such as oil, grease, and dirt, so skin care should not be neglected.

For an industry that is so hands on, and where hands are integral to getting the job done, it’s particularly important for electricians to look after their tools of the trade.

Occupational Skin Disorder

Occupational skin disorders (OSDs) are one of the biggest risks when it comes to poor skin care. Dry, cracked, itchy and sore skin are all symptoms of OSDs, and they can seriously restrict hand mobility. They can affect the ability to carry out the simplest everyday activities, such as gripping tools or even making a cup of tea. With repeated and prolonged exposure to contaminants, OSDs can develop into dermatitis or an allergic reaction, and in the worst case, a change of career.

So how do we tackle this when it comes to mobile workers? With a lack of water source and washing facilities, how can they keep skin care in check?

Swarfega solution

Since 1947 Swarfega has always strived to find high-performance skin care solutions for hardworking tradespeople – including those who graft on the move without washing facilities.

For mobile workers, wipes can’t be beaten for convenience. With no water supply necessary, the handy transportable tub can be taken to the workpoint and used throughout the day. The sealed container also means that the wipes are hygienic, protected from contamination and it also ensures that they are fresh for each use.

For those keen to install something more long-term, Swarfega’s mobile systems are specially designed for limited spaces. The Skin Safety Cradle is a compact and complete three-step skincare system designed to protect, cleanse and sanitise the skin from any location.

Prevention is always better than the cure, and poor skin care habits early in working life can spell disaster later down the line. For more information and advice on workplace skin care, call 01773 855 100 or email: swarfega@scj.com.



Swarfega’s products give a helping hand to the hard workers of Britain, keeping skin in good nick for the past 70+ years. The skin care brand is offering the chance to win one of four canisters of its hardworking, fast-acting TOUGH by Swarfega Heavy Duty Hand Wipes.

Great for mobile workers and kind to skin but tough on dirt, the durable double-sided fabric won’t let you down. With 70 wipes in each tube, it’s the ideal size for your customers to store in their car or van for heavy-duty hand cleaning on the move.


For your chance to win a tube of Tough by Swarfega Wipes, email: swarfega@scj.com with the subject line ‘PEW competition entry’. Deadline for entry 12/07/19. Usual T&Cs apply.

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